June 9, 2023


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They found the second Earth. Located in a habitable area

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Using the capabilities of the TESS satellite, scientists found a hitherto unknown Earth-sized world, which they named TOI 700 e. The planet rotates in the habitable zone of its star, that is, in an area that could theoretically be friendly to humans. The main factor here is The possibility of liquid water for most of the planet’s life.

A rocky planet where there might be water

As the researchers point out, TOI 700 e orbits its star in a sequence 28 days, in the company of two other quite similar planets, TOI 700 c and TOI 700 d, discovered earlier. Importantly, TOI 700 d is also in the optimistic habitable zone. Going back to TOI 700 e, it is supposed to be a typical rocky planet, similar to TOI 700 b, which orbits very close to the star.

Planetary scientists point out that a closer look at the details of TOI 700 e and other Earth-sized worlds in this region could give us many answers to questions about the history of our solar system. It is unlikely that we will ever be able to colonize the described planet, since it is located about 100 light years from Earth.

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