Ewa Frnah shows her stomach during pregnancy in an orange set!  "What week is this?"


Ewa Verna showed her belly again on her social media profile! The singer decided to appear in a suit of a distinctive color. In the description, she revealed that… her pants were “unbuttoned”! Do you appreciate these honest confessions from the time of conception? See in the photo gallery what the expectant mother looks like in such a stylish version!

Ewa Varna is happy with her pregnancy

singer Iowa oven She is famous for her unique looks that confirm her pregnancy on the stomach. No wonder, you can see that she is really radiant and happy to be a mom soon. Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram that instantly got her thousands of fans liked. Varna wears an elegant suit. The description of the photo grabs the attention of the followers too! The artist revealed that her “pants are open”!

When you’re supposed to be stylish, but under your jacket you have swimwear and maternity open pants

Ewa Verna sends a kiss to the lens AKPA

Ewa Verna is going to be a mom for the second time!

Ewa Verna and her partner Martin Showbut are soon becoming parents for the second time! In 2019, young parents gave birth to their first child. Then their son Arthur was born. After posting the photo you can see that the current pregnancy is already in an advanced state! Fans and fans never stop commenting on the new photo:

Ewa you look beautiful!

I love you to be honest what week is it?

The pinnacle of humor!

Watch in our gallery the style that the artist is talking about! We love her so much in this color! Could you appear in town in a similar group?

Do you like Ewa’s pregnancy design?

Source: Pawel Wodzynski / East News

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