January 27, 2023


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Dziennikarka portalu śledczego The Insider, Oksana Baulina, zginęła w rosyjskim ostrzale w Kijowie - poinformował portal. Oprócz Bauliny zginęła jeszcze jedna osoba, a dwie zostały ranne.

Oksana Paulina, a journalist for The Insider, died in Kyiv

The portal said that journalist Oksana Paulina, a journalist for the investigative portal Insider, was killed in the Russian bombing of Kyiv. With the exception of Pauline, another person was killed and two wounded.

The journalist died in a fire in Kyiv while on an editorial assignment, we read in The Insider. The woman documented the damage caused by the bombing of the Russian forces in the Badoch region. While working, she was exposed to more missiles – added.

Another civilian died with her and two people accompanying him were injured.

The site informs that before joining the editorial office, Baulina worked at the Alexei Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation.

After the institution was entered into the register of extremist organizations, the woman left Russia. The journalist went to Ukraine, where she gave several reports from Lviv and Kiev.

Last summer, the Russian authorities introduced the portal The Insider, whose editorial office operates in Riga, to the media list of “foreign agents”.

The Insider has dealt with the investigative platform Bellingcat, incl. Examining the attempted poisoning of the opposition Navalny and the work of the Russian Military Intelligence in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

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