Ukraine, prisoner exchange.  Soldier's sister: Most of the released Mariupol defenders are without arms or legs, but they are happy

Most of the Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, released on Wednesday as part of the prisoner-of-war exchange, have neither arms nor legs, but they are happy, the sister of one of the defense chiefs of the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant, who is still in Russian captivity, told the Suspilne portal.

Almost all of them, 99 percent, are without arms, without legs. Someone has lost sensation, someone can not see, but they are happy. Some men speak with tears in their eyes, others cannot speak – said Tetiana Charcot, who represents the Association of Defenders’ Families. Azovstal.

It is a pleasure to be able to see their smiles and eyes. We are definitely waiting for every defender – added Charcot. Another representative of the association, Katrina Boboa, confirmed that she would continue to work until the last Defender of the Fatherland, “alive and unharmed,” returned to his homeland. As part of the largest exchange of prisoners of war to date, 144 Ukrainian soldiers returned home, including 95 defenders of Azovstal..

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Ukrainian prisoners of warUkrainian Ministry of Defense

in captivity

Defenders Mariupol After nearly three months of fierce fighting, including at a besieged bridgehead at the Azovstal plant, they were captured by Russia in May after the leadership decided to “save the lives of soldiers”.

According to the Ukrainian side, more than 2,500 people were captured, including soldiers from the Azov Regiment, the 36th Independent Marine Brigade, as well as representatives of other formations.

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Row Ukraine He announced that prisoners would be exchanged for Russian soldiers, and assured him that he was dealing with the matter as a matter of priority.

Azovstal plants in Mariupol SERGEI ILNITSKY / PAP / EPA

Main image source: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

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