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Russia He began building defensive positions along the border With Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense reported on Wednesday (December 7) in its latest military intelligence update.

Moreover, anti-tank barriers were deployed in the Kursk region (a city in southwestern Russia, 100 km from the border with Ukraine). next one.

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Kosiniak-Kamysz: Only Błaszczak’s first entry was credible in terms of the Patriots

Russia. Fire at the Kursk military airport

“A fire broke out at a military airport in Kursk, and the authorities are talking about a drone attack,” the portal wrote on Tuesday (6 December). Ukrainian PravdaCiting Russian media reports.

According to the governor of the region, Roman Starovoit, “an oil tank caught fire.” He added that a meeting of the regional anti-terrorism committee had already been held on this issue. But the politician did not reveal who was responsible for this incident.

Attack on Russian airfields. The cause of the explosions has not been confirmed.

Monday (5 December) Russia I provided information about two drone attacks on the airfields near Ryazan and Engels. As a result, three military personnel died and four others were wounded. In addition, two aircraft sustained minor damage. The Kremlin accuses Ukraine, which does not confirm its participation.

“the reasons Explosions Not confirmed. However, if Russia assesses that these were premeditated attacks, it is likely to regard them as one of the most important strategic failures in protecting its forces from time (Beginning – ed.) To invade Ukraine. These sites are much deeper inside Russia than the sites of previous similar eruptions: Engels is more than 600 kilometers from the territory it controls Ukraine– We read in the analysis of the British Ministry.

The battles for Donbass are underway. The target is Bakhmut. ISW: Russia has problems

It is worth noting that Engels is the main operational base of Russian long-range aviation in western Russia and the base of 30 heavy bombers, which is part of the Russian nuclear deterrence system. In addition, some of these units have been used to launch missiles into Ukraine.

“The Russian chain of command will likely seek to identify and severely punish the Russian officers deemed responsible for allowing the incident to take place,” the ministry added.

ISW: Ukraine wanted to stop the Russian attacks

How By analysts at the American Institute for the Study of WarUkraine may have been trying to stop Russian attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and demonstrate its ability to attack the Kremlin’s strategic assets.

Because of the events near Ryazan and Engels, Russian military bloggers do not shy away from criticizing the Kremlin. They believe this fact undermines Russia’s credibility as a nuclear power, as a fleet of machines capable of carrying multiple nuclear payloads has been hit, according to the think tank.

Col. In an article on whether such attacks could change the image of the war in Ukraine, Pyotr Lewandowski said:

Smoke rises from the airport near Kursk, December 6, 2022.Attacks on airports threaten Russia? Expert: If there are a lot of them

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