Druzgocąca dla Niemiec opinia duńskiego dziennikarza w „Die Welt” (fot. Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Danish journalist and expert dealing with gas pipelines 1 and 2 Nord Stream Jens Hofsgaard in his book “Gier, Gas und Geld” (Greed, Gas and Money) describes the communication network behind the formation of Nord Stream 1 and 2. It is reported in the daily Die Welt, “What If Germany was responsible for the war, he replied: “I would even say that Germany paved the way for Putin to Ukraine.”

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According to the journalist, “One example is enough: Gerhard Schroeder, as a former chancellor, used his office in the Bundestag to organize meetings in Nord Stream 2. It would not be out of the question in any country in the world,” says Jens Hofsgaard in an interview with Die Welt daily.

– as a greeting Only three people decided Nord Stream 2. Former Counsellor Gerhard Schroeder, Vladimir Putin and Matthias WarneG – the ex-agent of Stasi, who was personally appointed by Putin – as said by Klaus Mangold – a former Daimler director and lobbyist in Russia – as head of Nord Stream 2 AG. The book’s author asserted that the three men devised a plan to complete the pipeline in the face of significant opposition in Europe.

After 2014, “high-ranking representatives of the German government met their Russian colleagues on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Of course, there were always representatives of companies who wanted to take advantage of good relations,” says Hofsgaard in an interview.

“Those who support NS1 and NS2 are paying for Putin’s war machine”

– Not only energy companies, but also industry and banks. Ukraine was troublesome there. But it was clearly visible: Those who support Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 are paying the price for Putin’s war machine, he said.

When asked about the role of the current president of Germany, Jens Hofsgaard asserted that “Steinmeier was the decisive man after Schroeder left politics“.

It was the most important bridge of politics for Putin, Schroeder and Warnig. Steinmeier, Schroeder, and Putin continued to meet and nurture their friendship. In 2010, for example in Berlin, in the restaurant Ibn Warnig. Putin, Schroeder and Steinmeier sat together. He remembers on the eve of Putin’s state visit to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

When asked if Germany violated this policy after February 24, Hofsgaard said the “tipping point” declaration was correct. However, actions taken since then raise doubts about whether Olaf Schultz broke with his rapprochement with Russia.”


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