Now pensions are 7 per cent higher.  The lowest pension is 1,338.44 PLN, the same amount will be the pension paid in April on the 13th, and on the 14th: 6.03.2022

From 1 March this year. More money for retired and retired benefits. Interest will increase by 7% and as a result, the lowest pension is now PLN 1,338.44 which is PLN 87.56 higher than in the previous year. In April, pensioners will receive the thirteenth pension of the same amount, and in the second half of 2022 – the fourteenth. For the majority, it will also amount to 1,338.44 PLN, and for pensioners with higher benefits – this amount will be reduced accordingly, as in the current year.

At the beginning of March, pensions increased by 7%. This is more of a legal indexing indicator. It is calculated based on the average annual CPI in the previous calendar year and increased by at least 20%. A real increase in the average wage in the previous calendar year. According to data from the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), the indicator should reach 5.7%, but the government decided to increase its indicator at the level of 7%.

Thanks to the higher rates and the previously introduced protective supplement, the financial position of pensioners and disabled pensioners – in the period of rising prices – will be better protected. We wanted more money to stay in the wallets of the elderly – says the Minister for Family and Social Policy, Marlena Mallig.

From March of this year. Lowest old-age and social pension i heirs’ pension It will reach PLN 1,338.44, PLN 87 more than in the previous year and PLN 458 more than in 2015. People who are partially unable to work will receive a benefit of PLN 1,003.83, which is PLN 65 more compared to the previous year.

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