AEW Revolution 2022 Results

AEW presented its first PPV of 2022 with “Revolution” live on March 6, from Orlando, Florida, at the Coalition Arena. Broadcast on PPV Live on FiteTV and in French, you can buy it here.

Singles competition

Leyla Hirsch Vs. Kris Statlander

At the end of the match, Leila Hirsch hits Chris Statelander with a steel turnbuckle stuck under the hoop behind the referee. Hirsch then makes him moonsalt, followed by a fall to victory.

Winner: Leila Hirsch

– After the match, Chris comes to the Red Velvet Ring to help Statelander.

– Kenny Omega’s music sounds … but coming in the ring is Don Kallis. He picks up the microphone and accuses Kenny of causing Omega’s injuries. Kenny wanted to bring Omega with him, but he looked at the map. He thinks Adam is going to win the goal title and he will be a good transformation champion until Kenny Omega comes back and takes his place.

Singles competition

Hook vs QT Marshall

At the end of the match, Hook uses submission to knock him out, except to catch QD Marshall.

Winner: Hook

6-Man Tag Team Tournament

Death Triangle (Back & Penta Oscro) vs. House of Black (Angel Black, Brady King & Patty Matthews) & Eric Redbird

At the end of the match, Brody King Eric made a pile driver at Redford and gave his team the win through the backfall.

Winners: House of Black

AEW Revolution Orlando, Florida

Commentators Jim Rose, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

– Tonight the AEW revolution, PPV begins as commentators welcome us. Chris Jericho enters his match against Eddie Kingston:

Singles competition

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho

At the end of the match, Eddie Kingston used the Stretch Plum on Chris Jericho and made him drop!

Winner: Eddie Kingston

– After the match, Eddie Kingston gives his hand to Chris Jericho, but he refuses to shake hands.

AEW World Tag Team Championship – 3-Way Tag Team Match

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Lucasarus) (c) vs. ReDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) Against the Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

At the end of the match, Lucasarus sent Nick Jackson on the Jungle Boy, who attacked him with a powerbomb, following which he followed up the victory.

Winners: Jurassic Express – Still Champions

The face of the revolutionary ladder competition

The winner will receive a competition for the TNT title

Keith Lee vs. Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Stark vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Christian Cage

At the end of the match, Wardlow pushes Lee and Hobbs down. Later, Christian climbs the ladder, but Wardlow stops him and makes powerbombs. Stark wants to use this to climb the ladder, but Wardlow climbs to the top and powerpumps him on a ladder that is vertical using a rope. Wardlow climbed the ladder again and descended into the ring to win the match.

Winner: Wardlow

– Tony Schiavone is on stage for an announcement. Schiavone says they signed a special agreement. A year ago they signed on as a top ladder wrestler and now it will be another. He is happy to comment here on his next matches Sverre Strickland (Swerve Scott in WWE). Strickland arrived at the scene and signed the AEW agreement. Swerve says he can talk about AEW’s talents, but he’s asking whose house it is. The crowd responds, “Swarovski house.”

TBS Championship – Singles Tournament

Day Conti With Anna Jay Vs. Jade Kargil (c) With Mark Sterling

At the end of the match, Candy wants to do her moonshot, but Kargil stops her and jade her in the third count.

Winner: Jade Cargill

– We present a video about the competition between punk and MJF.

Dog collar competition

CM punk against MJF

At the end of the match, MJF super-plugs into the role docs and closes him in, but he opposes the two. MJF begins to scream for Wardlow. When Wardlow does not show up, Punk seizes the opportunity to do his GTS at the MJF. Wardlow eventually finds the diamond ring and drops it on the shield. Punk wears the ring, MJF spits in his face as he approaches, but Punk hits him with the ring and closes.

Winner: CM Punk

AEW Women’s Championship – Singles Tournament

Thunder Rosa vs Brit Baker with Jamie Hatter and Rebel

At the end of the match, Baker hits Rosa and hides for her, but she resists. Baker uses his locked jaw for Rosa, and Rosa pushes her away. Rebel climbs into the apron to divert the referee’s attention, but Rosa bravely replaces Hayer, who wants to spear and interfere with him. Rosa returns to the ring, but Baker hits her three counts.

Winner: Britt Baker

– We watch the video about the match between Danielson and Moxley.

Singles competition

John Moxley vs. Brian Danielson

At the end of the match, Moxley and Danielson make a series of submissions, but both oppose. Danielson wants to pursue another submission, but the referee sees him with his shoulders on the ground and counting to three.

Winner: John Moxley

– After the fight, Danielson got angry at the referee. Moxley and Danielson start trading feet. The officer wants to stop them, but they follow. William Regal Comes into the ring and orders both of them to stop! Regal splits the two and kicks Maxley away. Danielson laughs, but Regal slaps him too. Regal persuades both of them and tells them to partner. The crowd shouted “yes”. Danielson and Maxley shook hands.

– Tony Schiavone is on stage and shows Dynamite cover with Guevara against Scorpio Sky for the DNT title. Then on the 16th we have Wardlow against Guevara or Sky for the DNT title. Leila Hirsch and Thunder Rosa clash in the women’s title shot on Wednesday.

Tornado Trios Match

Sammy Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin vs Matt Hardy, Andrேnde El Idolo and Isiah Cassidy

At the end of the fight, Allin gave Matt Hardy a coffin for a three-man count. Andrade was knocked out of the crowd after a splash through three desks from Sting.

Winners: Sami Guevara, Sting and Darby Allyn

– We provide a video about the match between Page and Cole.

AEW World Championship – Singles Tournament

Adam Cole vs. Adam Hangman Page (c)

At the end of the fight, Cole prepares for his Panama Sunrise, but Page gets up and punches him. Page hit the goal in the corner and gave him a Spanish fly to cover, but Cole resists with two. Radrogan comes on the scene as Page prepares for his finish, and Cole seizes the opportunity to give him a super kick. Goalie continues with Panama Sunrise at the bottom of the ring! Cole brings him back to the ring and closes, but Page opposes both. Cole goes to another Panama sunrise, but Page stops it and hits it. Cole blocks a penalty with a super kick and low blows while the Retrogan diverts the referee’s attention. Cole continues to make a boom to cover Panama Sunrise and Page, but he opposes both! Cole Superkicks, another and goes to earth, but the page blocks it with a clothesline. Page goes for his slingshot clothesline, but the goal is blocked by a super kick. Cole goes to another earth, but the page is down to avoid it. ReDragon makes a table at the bottom of the ring. Cole brings Page to the apron, but Page knocks him down through the table by Death Eye. The Dark Order comes to the Ringside to protect the page and hunt down the Retrogan. Page pulls the goal back into the ring for his slingshot clothesline and closes him, but puts his finger on a wire to break the goal count! Page Goal connects with one cable, making him and another superkick. Page charges it, but Cole blocks it with a super kick and opens itself from theft. Page makes him a superhero and the boom continues! His slingshot for number three ends the page with the clothesline.

Winner: Adam Hangman Page

The PPV still ends with Page’s celebration of being the world champion. Page takes Cole’s hand while Cole is on the floor shaking hands.

Photo credit: AEW

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