Not every car goes downtown?  The new regulations came into effect

It’s about adjusting the law on electric mobility and alternative fuels, which came into effect on December 24. Contains provisions for clean areas Transportation.

GDDKiA has announced a tender for the Szczecin West Side Passage project

Clean transportation zones are not for combustion vehicles

The law gives local governments free rein to offer so-called clean transport zones. . cities municipalities They will be able to designate areas within their borders that they will not enter cars Does not meet relevant emission standards exhaust Or over 15 years old for example.

Municipalities will be able to levy tolls that will enable all vehicles to move in clean transport zones. The maximum rate will be PLN 2.5 per hour for a one-time fee and no more than PLN 500 for a monthly subscription.

Clean transportation zones will be opened free of charge for electric powered cars with hydrogen and gas, as well as combustion vehicles – provided they meet the exhaust emission standards specified by municipal authorities.

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Driving license (illustration image)Drivers holding a Class B driver’s license with new authorizations. The president signed the law

New regulations will increase interest in newer cars

According to the website report AAA AutoThe introduction of the law should contribute to the renewal of the used car market in Poland. Currently, there is an increase in interest in almost new cars, which should continue to grow.

Proof of this, among other things, their growth Sin (Over the past year about 10-15% or more for some models) and the number of offers decreased. In the case of cars less than two years old, the average price in the Polish market increased by 15.5 percent. On an annual basis – as per AAA Auto analysis. On the other hand, the share of cars aged 15 and over in the market is 41%. In 2021, about 870 thousand. such vehicles.

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We are the European King of Car Import. How does this translate to climate?

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