Published on March 20, 2024 at 9:40 PM

Here's why this March will be extra special.

Sugar moon

The March Full Moon is also known as the “Sugar Moon”. The reason is simple: it occurs at a time when cold weather causes frostbite and mild daytime temperatures stimulate the flow of maple sap. It is the sugar season and, coincidentally, the peak of this period corresponds to March 25, the full moon day, at precisely 3:00 am. Easter is approaching and should mark the beginning or end of sugar, according to a popular saying.

“The weather for the current month of March makes life difficult for popular beliefs,” explains meteorologist Régène Ouimet. In fact, Easter is the start of spring this year, where sugars are quickly taking the lead. So this does not mark the start of the sugars, nor the end of the Easter sugars, as conditions should remain favorable until early April for warmer areas. Because the extreme heat should stay away from Quebec. »

March 3 is the moon

Penumbral lunar eclipse

Between March 22 and 27 the Moon will be almost full, or more than 95% full. But the position of the three Nakshatras is special because a lunar eclipse always occurs 15 days before or after a solar eclipse. A few minutes after a full moon, Earth's natural satellite will produce a phenomenon known as a penumbral eclipse. So our planet will position itself in front of the sun which illuminates the moon.

March 2 Moon

Little moon

The farther the moon is from Earth, the smaller it appears. In fact, on March 23, it will be at its peak at a distance of 406,281 kilometers. This is why it appears smaller after two days when full.

“The farthest moon from Earth will be this month on March 23, a few days before the full moon,” explains Régène Ouimet. All things considered, this is a small moon as it appears to our eyes. Conversely, during the April 8 eclipse, the Moon will be at perigee (closest to Earth in April), contributing to totality during the solar eclipse. »

March 5 is the moon

In collaboration with Rejean Ouimet, meteorologist.

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