What's next for the National Oncology Network?  A clear statement from the Ministry of Health

  • Isabella Leszczyna said that PLN 130 million had been spent on the pilot project of the National Oncology Network (KSO), “and its results, after major scandals, were only published in October.”
  • The head of the Ministry of Health indicated that she had read “a modest report on the implementation of the experimental network for oncology treatment prepared by the National Health Fund.”
  • — There was no need to spend 130 million. She said: I say this with regret because I feel sorry for wasting time and money
  • When asked what would happen to the medical fund, she said, “This fund is a big misunderstanding.”
  • More information can be found on the Onet home page

In an interview published on Friday in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, the head of the Ministry of Health pointed out, among other things: the National Oncology Network (KSO). As she pointed out, PLN 130 million was spent on the KSO pilot project, “and the results of it were published, after major disagreements, only in October.” She said that the House of Representatives adopted the law half a year ago, without knowing the results of the pilot study at all.

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