March 21, 2023


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Drunk birds are a specialty

Drunk birds are a specialty

When I learned that the Quebec film was going to represent Canada at this year’s Oscars for Best International Film, it hastened me a bit: Arcond, Villeneuve, Flordeau, Duval and Neuen, It is a film that reflects us back from Quebec.

I agree, I have not seen anything from Ivan Kirbowicz, he feels Drunk birds, Before this exam.

I rushed to see the movie and now I can tell you:

  1. It is a masterpiece;
  2. This is one of my three favorite Quebec films … for a lifetime.

Catch another bird

Boring to say (and the middle doesn’t love me), but Drunk birds A Quebec film … it’s not like a Quebec film.

This is not a reverse shot function; It’s not like I watch a long episode of a TV series; This is not morality; There are no underlined dialogues in Greece pencil; And characters are not a dimension.

The main character is a Mexican seasoned laborer, looking for the woman he wants and thinking of finding her in Quebec, working on a farm run by a couple with no resemblance (Claude Legalt and Halein Florent).

You do not need to know more. If I say too much, I will express your happiness. Because Drunk birds In a drop reveals traces of his characters.

Although the film is about migrant workers, it is not an anti-capitalist accusation of “villains-gringos-exploitation-poor-mexican-slaves-extreme-agriculture”.

The screenplay was not written by the colonial Machine de Quebec Solitaire.

It is often said that we do not emphasize the work of women in cinema enough. OK, Drunk birds Co-written with Sarah Mishra, she is also the director of photography. This magician of the film gave us (among other things) photographic direction Everything is perfect, You sleep Nicole, Felix and Mira, Quebec Images I really liked its visual style.

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Do not be afraid of words: Drunk birds A special one. I wanted to constantly pause to immerse myself in these images filmed in magical time, all those brief moments before sunset would turn from golden to pink.

It’s an atmospheric film that shows more than it proves. In interviews, Kirbowicz and Mishara speak of their film as “experience”, “mood”.

I loved: The TravelFields s; Urban night scenes; Magical reality; Chaotic rain scenes; And the music of Philip Bralt dresses it all up with a melancholy and takes you to the heart.

You know what Bergman said: “If you can put a movie into words, it’s not cinema”. Drunk birds Truly “cinematographic” film: the director and co-writer / cinematographer tell a story with films.

For me cinema is a look, a signature. Often in Quebec films in recent years, material is more important than appearance.

I have loved a real movie for a long time and it pulls me down my throat. Ivan Kirpovic, born in 1979 in Montreal to Serbian parents, was the teacher I was expecting.