“No powers” – what do you remember from the cult film?  Competition from the series “Sami Sway”.

film Our own It premiered in 1967 and immediately became a hit in the local film market. Today, this production enjoys cult status and new generations of viewers eagerly return to it. Some time after production, its creator saw the light – Seloster Chesinsky I Andrej Mularczyk, They decided to create its continuation. Thanks to this, seven years after the premiere Everything about them, Exactly on May 28, 1974, the second part of The Fate of Two Families: Karjula and Pavlak, was released in Polish cinemas. film There are no strong people It was very warmly received by both the audience and recipients. What was appreciated was the excellent character development and development over the years and, above all, the wonderful script full of sayings that are now for everyday use.

Świętokrzyski. On the set of the film “Our Sami. The Beginning” at the Kielce Village Museum

“No powers” – a test from the beloved comedy

Are you also a fan of the second part of the legendary trilogy? If so, we have a quiz for you for the biggest fans of this production! Test your knowledge about the movie There are no strong people less!

QUIZ – How well do you know the movie “No Powers”? A test for fans of the series “Sami Sway”.

Question 1 of 10

What is the name of the trilogy that also includes the films “Sami Soy” and “Love or Throw”?

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