Harry Styles didn't want to appear alongside Olivia Wilde at the premiere of their joint movie!  (video)

Link Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde It still evokes great feelings in the media. The feeling between the singer and actress was born on the set of the movie directed by Wilde “do not worry, honey”, In an atmosphere of moral scandal. According to reports from foreign media, Olivia was still tied up when starting an affair with an artist who was a decade younger than him. With Jason SudeikisWith whom she bore two children. This fact did not particularly appeal to what he allegedly played the main role in the film Florence Pogue…

Until now Harry Stiles And the Olivia Wilde They’ve already been caught multiple times while out together. The couple also managed to make their “debut” on the red carpet, all in the context of promoting a joint film during the currently ongoing 79th Venice Film Festival. On Tuesday, Styles and Wilde appeared at an event where they posed with the other stars of “Don’t Worry, Honey,” Gemma Chan and Chris Bean. On Wednesday, however, the entire production crew showed up At the official premiere of the movie.

Styles and Wilde, like the other stars of Don’t Worry Baby, eagerly posed for red carpet photos, presenting impeccable determination. However, the actress and singer of the press photographers gathered in Venice did not make their official debut as a couple. Not only that, but Harry refused to appear next to his lover.

When the stars of the movie Wilde were lining up for a photo together, Styles sat between Gemma Chan and Sydney Chandler. When a member of the manager’s team at some point tried Persuading the singer to stand next to his partner, he politely refused, while remaining in the present location.

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Someone from Olivia’s team asked Harry to take a picture of her / stand next to her and he refused – One Twitter user wrote under the accident recording.

At the premiere of “Don’t Worry Baby”, Styles rocked an elegant blue suit and a blue turtleneck shirt. Olivia Wilde chose a long canary dress with beaded embellishments, a cape and a deep neckline. Although the actress did not buy a souvenir photo with the musician, she willingly presented in the company of a comedian Nick Kroll.

The production star also undoubtedly also drew attention to the screening of Wilde at the Venice Film Festival, Florence Pugh. Despite a lot of talk recently in the media about the actress’s reluctance to promote the film with her participation, the 26-year-old did not refuse to participate in the premiere. On the red carpet, she presented an impressive fall-winter creation Valentino Haute Couture With bare shoulders, puffed sleeves, and a sheer train. The sequined dress is completed Tiffany jewelry.

Watch the cast of “Don’t Worry Baby” shine on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

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This can only mean one thing – met Ravalala

And what Polish wife will hold on to the peasant and keep it at all costs, even if he is deceived?

He didn’t feel like he was wearing a suit, he usually wore dresses

Can anyone explain to me what the conflict is between Olivia and Shia LaBeouf?

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PR lovers…

2 minutes. Ago

Łoł faszyn from Raszyn arrived in Venice ….


3 min. Ago

Does Harry have a tailor in Women or Marche?

I watch Olivia every day in Doctor House. A beautiful woman like Rosenkowa Majdanua!

And rightly so. He positioned himself as a part of the crew, not a partner, that they only frame the two of.

This romance is somewhat fleeting… Harry played, and Olivia gave him a role in the movie and more, and in a moment Harry flies elsewhere in search of another flower.. You can see that feelings have calmed down there, it’s just a promotion for the movie

Florence Boe should be on the show Don’t Wear Your Shape

They only pre-compacted that much. They did not want their joint photos to dominate press coverage of the event. It was about the movie. And that’s it. Thank you. you are welcome.

The couple are private and this is a job.

Harry got 2 million dollars for this role, and Florence only 750,000 dollars, and Olivia got this role because the Shiites showed her true face

Florence, as always a phenomenon. I love it.

Why does Poodle delete comments that have nothing to do with hate and don’t offend anyone? What about “your opinion matters”?

It seems to me that she invented not to stand together. She wanted to cut the rumors about romance on the set etc, Harry wants to go along with the guidelines and she came out awkwardly.

He’s a great artist, but he has no taste for fashion (and I don’t mean to wear dresses at all)

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