No one here wants to listen to him.  In the United States, they admire the Polish legend
  • Zygmunt Smalsers, the 1972 Olympic champion, is still in good shape. It’s even worse with his favorite sport
  • Smallers rates the chances of weightlifting remaining in the Olympic program at half and a half due to doping problems. -It’s too much. I’m sorry . .. – He says
  • The champion stresses the need to combat doping in this area and proposes several reforms in the regulations
  • More information can be found at Przegląd Sportowy Onet

Camille Wolnicki: Coach, what’s going on?

Zygmunt Smallsers: You might be asking about weightlifting, but the sound is bad or very bad.

Will weights be dropped from the Olympic program?

I think the chances are half and half. There are still incidents of doping. One of Georgia’s best players is at risk, and Turkey has withdrawn from the European Championship scheduled for February next year because it also suffers from doping problems. In this regard, it is tragic. No one understands that there is only one way: anti-doping.

Continued article below the video

Smallsers had no doubt. “The situation is dangerous and difficult”

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