Robert Lewandowski is close to Pele, Messi.  Cristiano Ronaldo the leader

Immediately after the national team match – We invite you to our live program!

Robert Lewandowski In the match between Andorra and Poland, he scored the first goal And The final goal of the match (watch the video).. In the first half, as early as the fifth minute of the match, he began to hit the Poles with a shot at the post from the penalty area, and after the break he headed the ball after a corner kick.

For Robert Lewandowski, these two goals were the 73rd and 74th in the history of his performances with the Polish national team. Filming for the national team made its debut in September 2008 in San Marino. In the list of the top scorers in the history of national teams, after the match between Andorra and Poland, Robert Lewandowski took the fourteenth place on his own. He is only one goal away from being tied for eleventh place. If he scored two goals in the Poland-Hungary match, he would be in the eleventh place himself and outperform Sandor Kocice, the Hungarian legend and number 3 goalscorer among Europeans. In contrast, three goals separate Robert Lewandowski from the equation of the result of the King of Brazil football. Pele scored 77 goals with the national team.

Leo Messi has now scored 80 national goals, and Cristiano Ronaldo – 115. Chasing Neymar, Romelu Lukaku, Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, despite another return to the Swedish national teamThe captain of the Polish national team is unlikely to catch up.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal 2003-) 115 goals

2. Ali Daei (Iran 1993-2006) 109 goals

3. Mukhtar Al Dhaheri (Malaysia 1972-1985) 89 goals

4- Ferenc Puskas (Hungary / Spain 1945-1962) 84 goals

5. Leo Messi (Argentina 2005-) 80 goals

5. Sunil Chhetri (Indie, 2005-) – 80 ghoulies

7. Godfrey Chitalu (Zambia 1968-1980) 79 goals

8. Husajn Said (Irak, 1976-1990) – 78 goli

8. Ali Mabkhout (United Arab Emirates, 2009) – 78 goals

10- Pele (Brazil 1957-1971) 77 goals

11. Sandor Kocsis (Hungary 1948-1956) 75 goals

11. Kunishige Kamamoto (Gabunya, 1964-1977) – 75 ghoulies

11. Basar Abdullah (Kuwait 1996-2018) 75 goals

14. Robert Lewandowski (Poland 2008-) 74 goals

15. Majed Abdullah (Saudi Arabia 1978-1994) 72 goals

19. Neymar (Brazil 2010-) 70 goals

22. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium, 2010-) – 68 gal

27. Luis Suarez (Uruguay 2007-) 65 goals

30. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden 2001-) 62 goals

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