Nicki Minaj takes the stage at the Bell Center almost three hours late

Nicki Minaj fans' patience was tested Wednesday evening as the rapper arrived on stage nearly three hours late in Montreal.

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The American rap icon was expected to perform in front of a packed Bell Center at 8:30pm, but finally arrived after 11pm.

In a post on X, Nicki Minaj explained that the delay was due to a delay in her private flight.

Many internet users lamented the situation on social networks.

“I always dreamed of seeing you and bought a ticket even though I had an exam in the morning. It's disrespectful to come three hours late and pretend everything is fine,” commented one netizen, who had to leave before the star's arrival.

Another viewer shared pictures of the waiting crowd.

Even so, many fans took to social media to share their love for the rapper and their appreciation for the show.

Later in the evening, Nicki Minaj wanted to thank the audience for this “dream come true.”

It wasn't Wednesday when the rapper took the stage a few hours late. Recently, he introduced himself Fans Seattle on the US West Coast, but more than two hours past the time specified on his tickets in Milwaukee and Boston.

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