A Trois-Rivers police officer, described as a restrained and jealous person, pleaded guilty on Monday to harassing ex-wives and accessing police databases twenty times to gather information about them.

“He doesn’t like her perfume, makeup, necklace. He faced criticism from the accused in this regard. During the journey, the accused becomes jealous and insults [son ex-conjointe] When she laughs a lot, when she is physically very close to other men, when she has more pleasure, ”it is written in the agreed summary of the facts admitted by David Rose.

The case of someone who has been in the service of the Trois-Rivers Police since 2002 was due to begin in Montreal court this week, but instead he decided to “settle his cases,” his lawyer said.e Denise Calendar.

So the 44-year-old police officer was charged with criminal harassment against two ex-partners and a computer fraud during his duties, by investigating these two women and a third of the Quebec Police Intelligence Center (CRPQ).

“The party is over”

Rose did this with her first girlfriend in the early 2000s, only to repeat the same restless behavior with her second wife for more than a decade.

He did not hesitate to hold the victims by the hand when he was unhappy, as we learned during Monday’s hearing.

“Sometimes the accused knocks on walls, knocks on doors, slaps hands, pulls hair,” it was described.

One evening, he even “popped up” at one of his ex-Christmas parties and tried to force her to leave. “The party is over,” he told her, and she took his hand to follow him.

However, the woman’s colleagues intervened. She decided to break up with him, but Rose couldn’t accept it, clinging to her and saying “Hold her with one foot.” She had to make up her mind to move.

According to a summary issued to Judge Andre Perrault, “ [la dame] Receives multiple phone calls from the accused. He asks her why she is not home. [Elle] His new address was never given. “

Even in service

The police officer also showed up at his ex-partner’s home on one occasion. He did not hesitate to cross the place with his autopadrol when he was on duty.

In the case of another victim, Rose deleted Facebook friends through her dating. “The accused did not like being male friendly. He is jealous. […] When he sees that the skirts are too short or that she is too chic, he asks her to change. ”

One evening, a confrontation erupted and the girl “flies” in bed after being pushed. The relationship ended, but Rose “insisted” that her ex should contact him again.

Twenty times between 2013 and 2018, a police officer used the CRPQ for his own “benefit” to obtain information about his former interests.

City and Trois-Rivers police did not want to comment on the case on Monday, although his criminal record could lead to his dismissal.

David Rose Sentencing Performances 1There is December.

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