Colette Provencher Vomits in Getting Jean-Philippe Dion Out of Here!

The sixties were generous to Colette Provenger. A weather announcer at TVA for nearly 30 years, he has become an indispensable reference in the field. Happy at work and surrounded by her friends and loved ones, Colette was ready to take on new challenges, such as participating in a disruptive but humanizing experience. Get me out of here!.

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Colette, among the participating dignitaries Get me out of here!, you are definitely one of those who provoked strong reactions following your participation announcement. Many people were surprised to see you there!

From the beginning, it’s true that participating in reality TV wasn’t necessarily my style because I’m non-competitive. But when I found out that the big winner of the show was going to win $100,000 because of his choice, I suddenly got a call from the jungle! (laughs)

That is indeed a significant amount!

I have been involved with various charities over the years, two of which are dear to my heart. La Maison Source Bleue is a palliative care home in Boucherville that allows the sick to approach the end of their lives with dignity. And Meera guides dogs and assistance dogs to improve quality of life for people with disabilities. I played for these two reasons Get me out of here!.

Would you have been on the show to get out of your comfort zone?

Honestly, no. Everyday life already comes with its share of challenges, and I don’t need to destabilize myself to feel alive. He said, “I saw it in my participation.” Get me out of here! An opportunity to work on myself, especially my self-confidence. I know where it comes from, but no matter how much I try to improve this aspect of my personality, it remains ingrained in me.

If it is not very careless, where does it come from?

My mother gave birth to five children within five years. When I was born, she already had her hands full with four children aged 5 years, 4 years, 3 years and 2 years and 11 months. My father was an alcoholic so she raised us alone. Without further ado, I can say that being careless has had repercussions on my self-confidence. I felt like no one was paying attention to me. I almost apologized for being there already.

Julien Faguere

However, you leave the image of a confident woman in her full possession!

Lack of self-confidence is not in all areas of my life: I am a great mother and a friend that one can count on, and I am very good at work. It translates to personal because I am the outcast. Yeah, I know, that’s not the image I immediately got. I have had to struggle with this most of my life.

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What do you say?

I’m very tall at 5’10” and stand tall. When I come somewhere, I avoid people’s eyes because I’m shy. What do you think it feels like? An unapproachable girl, above her career and jealous… Why do people think about me? I didn’t understand that they had this idea.Therapy helped me realize that the image I gave didn’t match the woman I really was.

S programGet me out of here! Precisely this allows you to break the image, because we will find you in another light: an empathetic, resilient, funny and loving woman.

I’m so happy to hear that! This show is first and foremost an incredibly human experience! I experienced very strong emotional moments, especially with my beautiful Marianne Saint-Gelaois. While she was on the show to learn how to lose, I was there to learn how to win! She and I had opposite wounds and it brought us closer.

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On the show, you have deep conversations with other contestants. Naturally, you assumed a trusted role in the group.

If I hadn’t chosen a career in communications, I very humbly think I would have made a good psychologist. I followed a number of therapies to learn how to get rid of certain patterns I was unconsciously repeating. Today, I happily use these tools to help others.

You were sick during the first challenge Get me out of here!

Oh! Yes! I have been following for several years for stomach problems. The extreme heat of the Costa Rican jungle, the poor food, the lack of sleep. Water pool. It took three seconds and I was up again. In fact, I threw host and producer Jean-Philippe Dion in a spray. (laughs)

Did you stop the challenge?

I’m glad I discovered that by watching the show, but one thing’s for sure, it made me realize that I’m mentally stronger than I thought. Do you know what the difference is? I was confident with the amazing team at Productions Déferlantes. It was very reassuring that there were medical personnel on site at all times. Among the participants was a radical, Dr. François Marquis. So we were in good hands.

Has this experience changed you?

Changed, no. Upgraded, yes. I am still the same person with my qualities and my faults, but I am more aware of my determination, my worth and what I can do on a daily basis. There, I was hot, I was hungry, I was dirty, the humidity made me swell like a pudding, and yet, every evening, I thanked life for putting such a beautiful challenge in my path. To make personal level and exceptional appointments. Since participating in this program, I am more appreciative of what I have with gratitude.


I am very well surrounded by my children who have been a part of my life for 40 years, my nephews who I am very close to, my family and my friends. I want to take care of these beautiful people who take care of me in return. We form a tight-knit clan. I am proud of my gang, especially my son and my daughter. Lambert is a crane operator who loves his job and has bought a house. Esther works in the pharmaceutical department at the Veterinary University Hospital Center in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Does she still live with you?

Yes, still in the same house, in Boucherville. For a year, we have had a bernadoodle named Romeo. Poor guy, suffering from anxiety. We consulted a dog trainer to no avail. The solution seems to be to medicate him, but as he is affectionately called “our little lemon dog” we decide to accept.

Are you still single?

Yes, for four years. Celibacy disturbs many people in our society. It’s almost a taboo subject, like you can’t be alone and happy. However, this is my case. I am busy and very well surrounded and love my life as it is. I don’t feel the pressure to be with someone just so I don’t have to be alone.

Julien Faguere

Are you ready to meet someone?

Of course, but it is not a condition for my happiness. I have a feeling that if it happens, it will be in the context of an event or through friends or acquaintances. Of course, I wouldn’t sign up for a dating app. I must say that I have been working in a newsroom for almost 30 years. I’ve heard a ton of fake profiles, scams, or even worse stories.

What does it take to seduce you?

Hmm, good question… (Colette thinks.) Beyond mutual attraction, connections, and flowing conversation, the current must pass. For others, I have no criteria other than authenticity. There is no need to force things, it should be simple and natural, this relationship is much to my delight.

Julien Faguere

It sounds like you are in a good period of your life.

Yes, indeed, I am in the most beautiful period of my life. I see the journey I’ve made, I’ve become, I see what I’ve created, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. Sixty is good to me, full of surprises as I participate Get me out of here!.

Get me out of here!, Sunday at 6:30 p.m., on TV. Colette provides a weekday weather forecast VAT News. You can also support one of the causes championed by Colette, namely La Maison Source Bleue and the Mira Foundation: and

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