The first kill for the invader, Roxanne is about to give birth… Synopsis for Episode 1369 Thursday 23rd February (Spoilers)

In Tomorrow belongs to us, Alex gets help from Tristan and Sylvain. Bart and Adele reconcile. The invader continues his misdeeds by attacking Milan.

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on Thursday, February 23 Tomorrow belongs to usDorian did not see his attacker (his identity was revealed). Auror asks him if he remembers the evening at Rafales on 29th July. She thinks the attacks are related to this party. Dorian talks about Milan giving everyone laughing gas. Dorian argued with him that he was against the practice. Nathan stepped into their midst. He spent the evening frolicking with Emma.”Like a big weight“. As for the Aurore, Dorian thinks it might be her attacker, except that he’s in jail for stealing a car while he was with Emma.

Sylvain and Tristan take care of Celeste

Sylvain visits Alex, who is busy with paperwork for the farmhouse. He brings Kristelle’s chocolate tart. Alex gets a call from the director of the daycare because Céleste is sick. He has to pick her up and Chloe is in training. Sylvain offers his help to keep her. He takes Celeste home. Kristel makes fun of him because he hasn’t changed a diaper in years. Just then Tristan comes to her house to fish. Both miss the little girl at home. He finds her behind a curtain. When Alex returns to pick up his daughter, Tristan and Sylvain have fallen asleep. The two friends must keep it to the weekend.

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Stefan reveals the truth about Adele to Soraya

Mona asks Soraya about Stefan. Georges’ mother doesn’t understand why he doesn’t visit his roommate. Mona makes a mistake and talks to him about an open relationship. She reveals to him that Bart saw Adele’s love in her underwear. Stephen explains to Adele that he posed naked. They are just simple friends. They studied together at Beaux Arts. He offers to introduce him to his girlfriend.

Roxane is about to have a baby!

At Spoon, Bart and Adele reconcile. The restaurant owner confirms that he was jealous. He gets a call from Roxane, who has contractions, and she can’t reach Sarah. She asks him to come quickly.

Milan was not the aggressor

In Spoon, Nathan and Audrey are inspired by Etienne’s feat of being filmed to save her son. Nathan is relieved to see his friend and calls the Curtis family. Nathan thinks CPE is part of GIGN. At the police station, Martin informs Aurore that Milan has been released from prison for three weeks for good behavior. Commander Constant arrives to question Emma. The girl confirms that Milan sent her messages after her release from prison. He’s creepy. Later, Milan is taken hostage by a hooded man. Lisa and Martin go to Milan’s hideout and find him hanged with the news. “guilty feeling”.

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