No, Quebec is not closed!

On Friday, he was interviewed by Stephen Biro on the show The world is upside down At TVA, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois confirmed that Québec solidaire supported an “opening speech” on immigration, while the Legault government’s speech was “closing.”

This is typical QS talk.

Others are closed, we are open.

A version of the famous “Us, we’re pepped, pepped, Monday no one else.”

A sign of closure?

Here is what we can read Newspaper Thursday:

“Traffic congestion on Roxham Road means more than 3,600 asylum seekers are currently housed in 20 hotels and one temporary shelter in Greater Montreal.

“Most stay around Dorval Airport and downtown Montreal, but hotels welcome them in Brassard, Boucherville or Laval. »

It’s a sign of closure, right?

Here’s what we can read on the Radio-Canada website on May 12, 2022:

“Quebec will welcome more than 100,000 permanent, irregular and temporary immigrants in 2022, a record number. Of this number, approximately 70,000 permanent immigrants will be received, a 50% increase compared to 2021 due to the Legault government’s catch-up to offset the drop in immigration during the pandemic. »

It’s a sign of closure, right?

Here is what we can read the sun On February 28:

“The number of immigrants settling in the Quebec City region will double within five years,” said Jonathan Julien, Minister for the Capital-National Region. “There’s no reason why we can’t do it. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t double all kinds of immigration, temporary, economic, in the Quebec region. »

It’s a sign of closure, right?

In 2021, the percentage of the immigrant population in Quebec was 14.6%.

More than England, Netherlands, USA, France, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and Finland!

It’s a sign of closure, right?

A lie!

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, instead of spouting empty phrases, give us specific figures.

From what percentage of immigrants living on its territory can a state be officially declared “open”?

In proportion to its population, Quebec is currently one of the most welcoming states in the world.

Even though this is a great challenge to preserve our language, I don’t know if you read the newspapers these days, especially in Montreal, where immigrants are moving in large numbers. .

Is this not enough for QS?

Should Quebec “open up” more?

Since 2016, the number of temporary immigrants granted permission in Quebec has continued to increase. (Source: Quebec data)

According to the official United Nations indicator, Quebec receives more immigrants (472 per 100,000 people) than Europe (303) and the United States (293)!

It’s a sign of closure, right?

It’s one thing for a Toronto commentator to repeatedly say that Quebec is closed.

But for a Quebec party leader to repeat such a lie is unacceptable.

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