Los Angeles Vegan Fashion Week attracted celebrities with its glamorous and assertive fashion


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12 Oct. 2023

Like last year, Vegan Fashion Week was held at the California Market Center in Los Angeles to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the event founded by Emmanuel Rienda. The event is attended by press and celebrities such as Jay Shetty, an award-winning podcaster, actresses Tara Reid and Maggie Bird, not forgetting rising Hollywood star Kailey Cowan.

A Perfect Jane, a vegan shoe brand at Vegan Fashion Week – James Duran/Getty Images

Dubbed “The Golden Hour Fashion Show”, the event kicked off with a political and emotional speech by Richa Moorjani, actress of the Netflix series. My first timeVery committed to ethical and vegetarian style.

The show was later opened by Dutch designer Suzanne Harper, founder of vegan shoe brand A Perfect Jane. The fashion show unveiled a collection of elegant western shoes made from apple fibers, worn with dresses designed by Emmanuel Rienda, made from vintage and recycled pieces.

Next came the French designer Guillaume Largumain, whose brand of the same name is sold at Printemps Haussmann in Paris and Printemps de Lille and Stockholm. The designer unveiled Apple canvas bags and her first vegan ready-to-wear collection, inviting her first model to parade with a bag with integrated speakers.

Guillaume Larquemain presents his bag collection and his first vegan ready-to-wear models at Vegan Fashion Week – Getty Images

“My brand was launched three years ago in France around the apple canvas with the desire to bring a more luxurious and exclusive aspect to vegan fashion and accessories,” declared Guillaume Larkmain. “Everything is made in Normandy, the region I’m from, and perfect for a non-binary, timeless wardrobe, with a minimal and elegant design, delivered from materials like apple fiber or bamboo and wood.”

Los Angeles-based Vegan Fashion Week’s last participant, Nikki Green, once again focused on the evolution of vegan fashion in the luxury industry. Founded by Dominique Said and her longtime stylist Christian Allen, the brand featured off-the-shoulder silhouettes, red-carpet-ready tops, blouses and evening dresses, and glamorous nylon and mesh ensembles in polyester.

Nikki Green shows at Vegan Fashion Week for a luxury vegan brand based in Los Angeles – Getty Images

This fifth edition of Vegan Fashion Week concluded with the words of Emmy-nominated actress Michael-Bella Bowman, who perfectly summed up the message conveyed by the event.

“Vegan Fashion Week is more than a trend,” said Michael-Bella Bowman. “It is a true beacon in this transition, guiding us toward a future of civilization where humanity and animals can coexist in compassion and harmony. It is an exciting and creative journey that reflects the importance we place on our choices and their consequences. My generation, I feel the power and necessity of this movement.” Above all, our future is shaped by our actions today. The choices we make, the models we wear, the fashion culture we nurture, all speak loudly. The world we want.”

“This new edition of Vegan Fashion Week should be more intimate with a more political message,” declared Emmanuel Rienda. “By presenting three creators from the Netherlands, France and Los Angeles, we want to show that this movement is now global. And the presence of many celebrities confirms this.” Vegan Fashion Week is an independent event and still relies on the support of sponsors and philanthropists.

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