This is an exceptional situation, Pierre Terrian, Entomologist, Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks from the beginning RTI morning. Usually, in Quebec, there are not many gypsy moths, but this year, there are strong people everywhere. [dans la province], he said.

In general, gypsy moth populations are controlled by predators and weather conditions. This Widespread contagious disease Caterpillars have a mild winter and Hot and dry spring conditions who Support the pest, Explains the entomologist.

The gypsy moth has a problem with hunger. Very greedy, it will eat a square meter of foliage.

When you consider that there are thousands of caterpillars, it is not surprising to see that the trees are completely destroyed.

An excerpt from:Pierre Terion, Entomologist, Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks

In Ontario, 50,000 hectares of forest were destroyed in 2019 by a gypsy moth. By 2020, that number would have risen to 600,000 hectares.

The situation in Ontario is special, Assures Pierre Terrian not to worry about Quebec’s forests. They have more problems with the gypsy moth.

No worries

Also, removing one year is not enough to kill a hardwood tree. If you have a tree that is infested with gypsy moths this year, it should be healthy next year.

If it’s not too late, the gypsy moth caterpillars revealed to the public by Canadian astronaut Chris Hotfield can prevent you from attacking your trees with a simple solution: just put gray duct tape.

Warning: If the hair of the gypsy moth does not contain toxins, their contact with the skin may cause itching in some people. So it is better to wear gloves if you have to handle them.

The silkworm caterpillar was brought to Massachusetts, USA in 1869 by Etienne Leopold Truvelode, a French businessman who wanted to enter the silkworm business.

It took a few decades to arrive in Quebec in 1924. Originally abolished from the province, it reappeared in 1959. This time, it was perfect, and it was able to stay there. Remove it permanently it is no longer possible.

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