Freed from prison, German fake millionaire Anna Sorokin wants to stay in New York

Russian-German fake millionaire Anna “Delvi” Sorokin, who defrauded the financial elite, got out of a New York prison this weekend and said she will fight to stay in the American megalopolis and not be extradited to Germany.

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• Read more: Anna Sorokin, the fake millionaire who defrauded New York, has stayed in America

The 30-year-old, whose incredible career has inspired a fictional series on Netflix and is a social media phenomenon, was released on bail Friday evening and placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet in his Manhattan apartment.

Anna Sorokin was held for a year and a half in a federal Immigration Police (ICE) detention center 100km north of New York for overstaying her tourist visa.

He was arrested in 2017, two years later charged with fraud and imprisoned in a New York prison, from which he was released for good behavior in 2021, only to be immediately rearrested by ICE. Free under conditions, he has been under an extradition order to Germany since February, against which he has repeatedly appealed.

In a lengthy interview with The New York Times at her home in Manhattan on Saturday, Anna Sorokin said she had been refused deportation to Germany by immigration officials.

“Letting them deport me would have seemed like a sign of capitulation, confirming that I am considered a frivolous person who only cares about obscene wealth, which is not the case,” the young woman assured.

“I could have left, but I didn’t choose to because I was trying to make amends for my mistakes. I have such a history in New York that if I was in Europe, I would run away from something,” he emphasized.

Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvy, succeeded in defrauding financial elites and New York celebrities from 2016 to 2017 by posing as a wealthy German heiress at the head of a fictitious legacy worth $60 million.

The young woman, capable of crafting elaborate lies — thanks to her large designer glasses — took out tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans, traveled for free on a private jet and lived in Manhattan palatial hooks. A slate is $275,000.

Born in Germany, Russian near Moscow, Anna Sorokin is the daughter of a truck driver and shopkeeper who immigrated to Germany in 2007. He frequented the fashion world in London and Paris before coming to New York in 2013 for Fashion Week.

Her story inspired producer Shonda Rhimes (Gray body, Corruption), which is making it into a miniseries on Netflix, Finding AnnaStarring Julia Garner.

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