Zelensky noted that no one expected a war to break out in 2014, no one expected it to break out in 2022, and no one expected the Russians to attack Ukrainian civilians in this way.

– In this way, Russia shows that it can do anything, that it can use chemical weapons and even nuclear weapons – stressed the Ukrainian president.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said in an interview with CNN, that the conditions for achieving peace must be decent, we cannot give up our lands, but after Bokza, Voydar and Mariupol, our society does not want us to talk to the Russians. Posted on Sunday.

– Perhaps this war can be ended without dialogue and without bargaining, but what is the price? The victims are human. And the Ukrainians are paying this price. We must do everything so that this war does not last forever, said Zelensky.

Ukraine’s president on international aid: There will not be enough of it

He said that in the current situation of Ukraine, there will not be enough international aid for it.

We appreciate, among other things, a new military aid package approved by US President Joe Biden, but of course we need more. Unfortunately, we don’t have a technological advantage. The Ukrainian president argued with that, our people are stronger, we are defending our country.

In his opinion, the most important thing in the case of international aid is the speed of its delivery.

research: The war in Ukraine. Major Denis Joloko was killed. Another Russian commander killed

When asked how many Ukrainian civilians have died since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Zelensky admitted that this could not be reliably assessed.

“Let’s take Wohlidar or the other cities that are now empty.” It is not possible to estimate the number of those who died and the number of those who escaped. He stressed that hundreds of thousands were evacuated from Mariupol, but thousands were taken deep into Russia, including children, and we don’t know what is happening to them.

“It’s not war – it’s genocide”

– I understand that Emmanuel Macron wants Russia to participate in the negotiations – the Ukrainian leader commented on the mediation efforts of the French president.

– But he has to understand that this is not a “operation”, it is not even a war. He stressed that it is a genocide and we have sufficient evidence of it.

research: The war in Ukraine. In wartime, you can marry through Zoom

Speaking about the Russian military’s conversations that were intercepted by the Ukrainian services, Zelensky admitted that he “didn’t know that they hate us so much”.

– Not only me, but the whole world is afraid that Russia will use nuclear weapons and the Russians can do this because they do not care about human life – he warned.

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