The Red Sea.  The ship is under fire.  Noisy data

The attack occurred in the Gulf of Aden at around 10:30 Polish time. The ship was carrying steel products and trucks. The Liberian-owned, Barbados-flagged moving ship True Confidence was hit by a missile, resulting in… Massive fire on board.

According to CNN, citing a Houthi representative, the attack occurred after the ship's crew rejected the rebels' warnings. Yemeni Militia fighters radioed the unit and ordered it to change direction. After not complying with the “order” the order rang huge explosion, A cloud of smoke began rising over the water.

The Red Sea. Ship attack

The ship was hit and damaged. Warships from the US-led International Maritime Coalition and the European Union Maritime Security Center in the Horn of Africa responded to the crew's assistance. Some evacuated employees were injured. Officials informed Fr At least six people were injured.

At least two people also died as a result of this accident. “The Houthis continue to carry out reckless attacks without any regard for the safety of innocent civilians crossing the Red Sea,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a press conference at the department.

He said: “The United States will continue to hold the Houthis accountable for their attacks, which have not only disrupted international trade, not only disrupted freedom of navigation, not only endangered sailors, but have now led to tragic deaths.”

The first ship went down

In addition to attacks on warships, militants also began attacking civilian ships – most often cargo ships, because so far 12 percent of all ships have passed through the Red Sea. Global maritime trade. However, many ships began to look for detours to avoid attacks.

On Saturday, media reported that the first Houthi ship had been sunk. Robimard came down a few days later. At the time of the accident, the ship was transporting different types of fertilizers. Experts believe that its presence on the seabed may threaten marine ecosystems and lead to an “environmental disaster.”

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