Navigation is better than google maps free download

One of the most popular navigation apps is Google Maps. It works well when you are walking, cycling or traveling by car. Is that though Best phone navigation not necessarily. The free software from Google has its problems and although it has many different functions, it is not necessarily the best solution for drivers. However, it’s free – which is a big plus.

Fortunately, demanding drivers can take advantage of a unique promotion. TomTom has made GO navigation completely free. It normally costs £19.99 and is now available completely free of charge. Nowadays, laptops come with a high quality graphics card? The promotion is time-limited, so hurry up and download the free navigation.

If you don’t want to pay for it Tom Tom go About PLN 100, you can download it today absolutely free. The unique promotion runs until September 4th, so it’s not worth the delay in assigning the app to your account. what is important, Only new users can use the offerwho have not previously had an account with the Service and have not purchased any subscription.

How to download TomTom GO for free?

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply visit the TomTom website. It will be a British version of the site where we will find a promotional application. click activation And at this point we can go to the Polish store. The discount code will be entered automatically, and we will only have to enter our payment details and confirm the purchase. Note – PLN 4 will be deducted from the card, but the amount will be returned to us. The application purchased during the promotion is free.

Now we download the application to the phone, go to the tab View all plans and restore purchases. We log in with our account and here we can have fun TomTom GO navigation is free for one year. If after this time we do not want to pay the subscription fee, it is useful to unlink the payment card from the account in the meantime.

View your home from Google Maps

TomTom GO is a great alternative to Google Maps, although it’s not the only one. There are many other programs on the market that will lead us to the goal. What is it Alternative applications for Google Maps?

One example could be Janusik. In it we will find not only the traditional navigation functions, but also information about speed cameras, road checks and other situations on the road. Popular in Poland, the app is updated frequently and provides an up-to-date flow of route information. It is no coincidence that drivers often resort to this program.

look: Anti-radar in Janusik

Well-rated navigation on the phone is too Waze. Although the program belongs to Google, it differs from the popular maps. The app’s appearance is less spartan, and more options are available to the user, such as purchasing highway tickets. Interestingly, with Waze, we can see other APK users on a map in real time.

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