This could have been Polish inflation in January.  Another retreat

Economists' average forecasts, compiled by Macronext, assume that consumer inflation (CPI) falls in January 2024 to 4.3%. every year By 6.2 percent in December 2023. This would be the lowest reading since April 2021.

“If the flash of inflation in Poland is published (for January – ed.), we expect it to be slightly above 4 percent (base effects are a powerful weapon in the first quarter). But it is not published and we will see the results only in the middle of the month, ”- economists wrote in mBank in comment.

Inflation data for January 2024 will be released on Thursday 15 February, and will be flash only (final statistics will be presented in March, after changes to the inflation basket, so a larger than usual correction of the flash index is possible).

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