NASA.  Journey to unimaginable origins to a space vault.  Elon Musk already got the money

Asteroid 16 Psyche, located between Mars and Jupiter, has a diameter of 210 kilometers and an unimaginable value. It was estimated at 10 quadrillion dollars, which is tens of thousands of times more than the annual gross domestic product of the entire world. It was converted to 37 quadrillion zlotys.

A huge cosmic vault awaits

“The asteroid is 95 percent metal, and it’s really huge,” says Tracy Drain of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NASA wants to get to the asteroid, examine it, and then make a plan to get the minerals that make it up.

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“We’ll see new things in this world made of metal,” hopes David Oh of the same research facility.

In short, it can be concluded that 16 Psyche is a 210-kilometer nugget of gold that is heavily contaminated with iron, but it should not be too selective.

– Let’s discover something completely new about the solar system. It’s fundamental to answering the question of who we are and who we can be, says Lindy Elkins Tanton of the University of Arizona.

Scientists: Greed can be fatal

But experts warn that greed can be fatal. Pulling these fortunes to the ground will cause a 90 percent collapse in the bullion market and turn the global economic system upside down, causing wars, revolutions, and turmoil.

Perhaps that is why world powers are more likely to talk about the search for other cosmic goods than about extraterrestrial gold.

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– It’s about helium-3, rare earth metals, platinum metals, but also regolith, with which you can make a lot of things – says Kamel Muzica of the Polish Society of Astrobiology.

Video – a giant project. A gold mine near Jupiter

Thinking about how to bring gold to Earth

On the way to success there is the problem of bringing the spoils to Earth.

– It all depends on what will be the ability to import all this, because the release of only raw materials, so to speak, is very dangerous – says Kamel Muzica.

The pressure is still growing, because without rare earth metals, such as lanthanum, cerium and neodymium, we could forget the development of electronics, electric mobility, lasers, electric motors, and wind turbines.

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For example, the American fighter F-35 “Lightning” contains almost half a ton of rare earth metals. And 90 percent of its market is owned by China, which the United States just declared war on semiconductors in the wake of the trade war. There is only one way to escape – into space, where the competition will certainly continue. The militarization of outer space has already begun.

Asteroid 16 Psych is mainly composed of iron, nickel, gold and platinum. The asteroid mission is scheduled to begin in October 2023. The powerful Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, will be used for this. NASA has already allocated $117 million to the Billionaire project.

The mission was originally scheduled to begin in August of this year, but NASA has temporarily put those plans on hold. The spacecraft, designed and built by the Americans, is expected to arrive at Saiki and begin research in 2029. More on this topic on the site geek.

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