March 21, 2023


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They bought 5G anti-wristbands and were exposed to radiation.  These gangs

They bought 5G anti-wristbands and were exposed to radiation. These gangs

It was supposed to be safer, and ironically it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Although there is no reliable research supporting the harm of 5G technology to humans, many people stubbornly believe in this theory. So much so that they are willing to spend a lot of money on it Alleged protective equipment. Half the problem, when an ordinary ornament, only in Holland it turned out to be completely wrong.Shamanic tools not only had the slightest chance to help, but could also harm. Real and without pulling.

Found in 10 decades and other accessories that were supposed to protect against 5G Radioactive materials – Dutch Reports Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (ANVS). The organization lists unlucky items, provides their photos and ensures that they will disappear from stores.

Well-known media recommended

Remarkably, it is not quite Chinese, and among the shameful heroes of confusion we can find, for example, branded products Magnetix Wellness. It is a company registered in Germany that officially specializes in supportive products for magnetic therapy, and commends it with favorable articles in well-known press headlines, such as Bild or Vogue.

They bought 5G anti-wristbands and were exposed to radiation.  These gangs

Dutch officials do not provide an accurate test report, but we know that all prohibited products identified by ANVS as radioactiveOffered in category Personal Ionizers. In other words, such tools, if worn regularly, are supposed to improve the general condition of the body and well-being. Of course, that’s what their sellers say at least.

ion fraud

In fact, the issue is more complicated. While Polish scientific research also like a publication entitled The effect of ionized air on the human body Marek Muga and Isabella Machica, Ph.D. from 2011, confirm in some places Beneficial effect of negative ions On the body, it is about the ionization of air, and not the radiation of a bracelet or any other gadget. Indifferent to this accuracy, entrepreneurs sell accessories containing radioactive elements such as thorium-232 based on human ignorance.

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Although the alpha waves generated have a very short range, a maximum of 4-5 cm, wearing these types of accessories all day, as well as directly on the skin, can actually expose you A really specific dose of radiation. This is what the Dutch agency ANVS warns as well. So ironically it comes down to it, and editors only need to appeal with common sense.

Image source: press materials

Text source: ANVS, ed. King