Netherlands “green border”.  Filmweb collects viewer voting results.  “This way the evaluation will be more reliable.”

Portal Filmweb, which reviews films, series and games, after noticing a disastrous failure in the ratings of Agnieszka Holland’s film “The Green Border” (the average was about 2.5 out of 10 stars) “solved” this problem by excluding viewer ratings and leaving only the (high) critics’ ratings. .

We asked the publisher of the Filmweb portal why they removed very low audience ratings and left only very high critic ratings.

FilmWeb, as a database of films and series, is apolitical and gives space to express its own opinions in the form of ratings to all viewers, regardless of their preferences or beliefs.

– confirmed Krzysztof Michałowski in an interview with us.

“The evaluation will be more reliable.”

In the case of the film “Green Borders”, we faced an unprecedented situation when the film, which was not shown outside the Venice and Toronto festivals and screenings for journalists, received several thousand votes from viewers, the overwhelming majority of whom did not have the opportunity to see it, unlike the critics whose reviews we present.

– added.

Therefore, we decided to introduce a general rule that the average community rating of all Polish films with theatrical distribution will be given only in the evening on the day of the Polish cinema premiere. This will make the average community rating we provide more reliable

– Announce.

What will the rating be after the cinematic premiere of Holland’s film? We’ll find out soon.

Netherlands movie

The premiere of a film discrediting the Polish Border Guard and its activities in defending the state borders during a hybrid attack from Belarus will be shown on September 22, that is, 3 weeks before the elections and before the referendum, where one of the questions will concern the barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The film’s political context and its far-reaching alignment with Belarusian and Russian propaganda do not help the positive perception of Agnieszka Holland’s production in Poland. Comments from netizens, even in light of the so-called leading media articles about a kind of consolation prize for the Netherlands, which did not win the Golden Lions in Venice, were also overwhelming, which is why the rating on is not surprising.

– Cesare Cristopa wrote a few days ago.

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