Redmi Note series sold 320 million copies!

You can love or hate the stats. When you take your dog for a walk, they have, on average, three legs. However, the Redmi Note series is loved all over the world and has been selling an average of 4 million units per month since May last year!

  • The Redmi Note series has sold more than 320 million units globally.
  • As of October 2022, the individual models in the collection have sold 20 million units.
  • The Redmi Note 11 smartphone was ranked as the 8th best-selling smartphone in the world.

Redmi Note is the most successful series of the manufacturers

Statistics never lie. They can only bend reality due to poorly chosen assumptions. The data may also be unrelated to each other, and therefore the conclusions drawn from it will be incorrect.

However, in the case Redmi Note series You don’t have to worry about the importance of numbers. Fact is fact, the group has been selling since its inception in 320 million copies!

Redmi Note series sales / images via

Last year, more precisely in May, it was 280 million, and after 5 months (October) sales reached 300 million units.

You can see an interesting relationship with an average of 4 million devices sold per month. + – 133333.[3)RedmiNotesmartphonesareredeemedallovertheworlddaily[3)يتماستردادقيمةالهواتفالذكيةRedmiNoteفيجميعأنحاءالعالميوميًا

Sales results of the top 10 best selling phones in the world
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By the way Redmi Note 11 is one of the top 10 best selling phonesIt retained the eighth position. It beats mighty beasts like the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, which is the best smartphone in the world (according to GLOMO).

I’m curious how the world premiere of the Redmi Note 12 series will affect the overall settlement. The phones will be available for purchase In Poland from March 30, 2023And now you can check their prices.


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