The adult film actress jumped into a sponge pool.  There was a tragedy

Streramer Adriana Chechik, a famous actress of adult films, broke her spine. When the accident happened, I participated in a TwitchCon event. The woman will be operated on.


1. Adriana Chechik was invited to attend a TwitchCon event

Adriana Chechik is a broadcaster who contributes to the Twitch website. The woman is also known for her appearances in adult films. Recently, I attended a TwitchCon event, During which banners participate in various competitions.

Watch the video: “SPINA Foundation implements an important program “SOS for spina bifida” to help parents of children with bifida.

Woman jumped into the pool with marshmallows

Woman jumped into the pool with marshmallows (Twitter)

Adrian managed to win one of the competitions, in which two people compete with each other on two floors over a pool filled with foam. She decided to celebrate her amazing victory boom – leap.

2. Strimerka suffered a serious spinal injury

by jump The tape fell on her backWhich ended tragically for her. The woman was unable to get up, while the commentator assured the viewers that the player was fine. Help was called to the scene.

The participant in the program was taken to the hospital, where the doctors stated that she had done so vertebral fracture. Shortly thereafter, a video of this incident appeared on the Internet. The victim informed fans of her health via social media.

“Okay, I broke my spine in two places and today I will operations Insert a meter long support bar. I wrote on Twitter send your support.

Most likely, the case will end in court. This may be a class action lawsuit as other people on the program complained of a sprained knee, back pain, and a sprained ankle.

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