Sandrine Bisson: Looking back on a year of grief

Sandrine Bisson experienced a major period of “professional grief” this year, turning the page on the series. Raspberry time, happiness and the last part of Riccardo Troggi's autobiographical films, 1995.

“It's three big characters for me,” the actress admits, but sees the end of these heartfelt projects as a good omen.

Sandrine Bisson has to say goodbye to her character Elisabeth in the series “Le temps des framboises”, the 2nd and final season of which will be available from April 4 on Club illico.

Photo courtesy of ILLICO Club

“I am not a woman who lives in nostalgia, and then I said to myself: “Here you go! Here is an opportunity to reconstruct other universes. These characters are nothing, so I'm happy to be able to go fishing for other characters,” he continued, adding that he needed a break before diving back into a new big project.

The second season of the hit series Raspberry time The club will be down in Illigo this Thursday. The plot resumes on Christmas Eve. “We will find Elizabeth in a new project, her head is still well-intentioned. It is she who will reach out to others and help them in their search,” her translator told the QMI agency.

Set arrival in Monterey, Havelock, June 2023, during the filming of season 2. Writer Florence Longpré and director Guillaume Lonergan round out actors Elijah Patrice, Sandrine Bisson and Xavier Chalifoux.

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

Spring will soon lead to a major greenhouse construction project, and despite many tensions within the clan, everyone must rally for the future of Conley Gardens. Elizabeth, recovering from a romantic breakup, counts on Denise (Paul Doucet) more than ever to carry out the plan. He will get additional support from his son Jr. who wants to follow in his father's footsteps.

New characters

New characters will also appear. Carlos, played by Joel Legendre, is Denise's new love interest. Apart from slipping into her twin sister's shoes, Anne Dorval will return with a notary role.

Sandrine Bisson won the Gémeaux Award for Best Leading Role in 2022 for the first season of the series “Le temps des framboises”.


Previously confirmed by Philippe Falardeau, the final season's production is this time directed by Guillaume Lonergan (Audrey came back) Florence Longpré and Suzie Bouchard take on the script writing, which is pretty funny.

“It's been an extraordinary two years. I couldn't have expected it in my life. It's been amazing. We shot outside with a great crew. We think things happen fast on TV, but we made movies. It was fun and fun. We didn't get caught up in anything,” said Sandrin Bisson. He has only fond memories.

What will happen between Elizabeth (Sandrin Bison) and Francisco (Edison Ruiz) in this final season?

Photo courtesy of ILLICO Club

“Meeting Guillaume is a blessing, I hope the friendship that developed between me and Philippe will remain the same. I am lucky in all this,” the translator smiled.

beyond its limits

Last year, the actress voiced the narration of the audiobook MapleDavid Goudreault, available on the Audible platform.

“This is a project that I am very proud of. I took this project as a challenge because I have difficulty reading, I will read a book in a few hours, especially in the language of David, it is very funny, remarkable and has a lot of consonants … “she laughed. , who wants to bring to life another artistic context. He asserted that he was struck by this literary work.

This summer, Sandrine Bisson will return to the stage in the play Me and othersAt the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, he will play with his friend Juliette Gosselin, with whom he also shares the screen in the new series. Sensible.

The 2e season of the series Raspberry time The club will be down in Illigo this Thursday.

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