Alice, daughter of the Marquis of Elise, leaves the family nest

Elyse Marquis and her daughter Alice Déry recently had tea as part of an afternoon tea event presented by Rosélys Restaurant at the Fairmont Le Reine Élizabeth Hotel in Montreal. Both girls celebrated Barbie, especially since Alice voices Barbie in the film!

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Both dressed in pink, Elise Marquis and her daughter enjoyed a special day together. “We love the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth,” Elise says at the beginning. “Since Alice was very young, we visited once a year.
We are taking a vacation in our own city. And since Alice voiced a Barbie doll in the film, it was very fitting this year!

Alice is now 19 years old and has been doing voice acting since she was 7 years old. “I was very happy to do dubbing for the film Barbie, continues Alice, because I was anxious to see it. I didn’t need to see it in the cinema because I watched it while I was working!

Alice is also very satisfied with this movie. “I think it has a really beautiful feminist message.” Elise supports her daughter’s opinion: “I remember that in my time, the word “feminist” was perceived in a pejorative way. I believe that today we are all feminists. It does not mean that we want to go to war, but that we want equality between men and women. My daughter is very open. And I think growing up in a feminist world is really fun.

There is no plan B
Despite her young age, Alice Terry has already worked on several projects. We can
See her inside District 31, The Morissettes and me
And Mary Poppins, among others. Despite already having a very rich CV, Alice is currently studying musical theater at Collège Lionel-Groulx. “I have loved singing and dancing since my childhood. This practice combines all my interests.

Alice, although initially hesitant about her daughter’s career choice, undeniably follows in her mother’s footsteps. “It’s a tough job,” Elise explains. It is very insecure. When it works, it’s the most beautiful job in the world. After all, there are many great actors that we never see or have access to audition for. Making a living from this industry requires skill, work, but also luck. However, if you have a passion for eating like my daughter, the hard work is worth the effort.

Only after watching Desire for happiness, at the age of five, Alice knew what she wanted to do in life. “At the end of the show I was crying as I saw the children on stage. I found that unfair! I wanted to be on stage too!” Thus, his choice was made: his future was going to be in the field of arts and entertainment, nothing else! “I often tell her she has to have a plan B,” Elise explains. When my daughter asked me if I ever had a plan B, I realized I didn’t. His father was a musician (Mark Terry), nothing. I see how passionate she is about this job, so I don’t worry, I know everything will be fine for her.

When her daughter leaves the nest
As Alice recently left home to continue her studies at Sainte-Thérèse, Elise Marquis and her daughter will host the documentary series. When the babies leave the nest, presented on “When children leave the family, 35% of parents have symptoms of depression,” explains Ellis. Since Alice had moved on, we wanted to explore the subject. Don’t worry: I’m not depressed yet! Anyway, if I get depressed, the public will experience it with me! (laughs)»

Documentary series When the babies leave the nest To be presented on in March 2024.

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