January 27, 2023


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"My Wife's Tale": an unusual marriage proposal

“My Wife’s Tale”: an unusual marriage proposal

The new film by Hungarian director Ildiko Enedi (“Twentieth Century”, “Soul and Body”) is an adaptation of the famous novel by Milan Fust. My wife’s story. This elegant melodrama is set in the realities of the twentieth century in Paris and Hamburg, which became a love arena full of unexpected twists and cat-and-mouse game.

Dutchman Jacob Stoer is the captain of the ship. One of his friends suggests that a good solution for the protagonist is a marriage that will allow him to settle down. Storr spends some time in a luxurious Parisian café, and decides to marry the first woman who crosses her own threshold.

This person is the beautiful and special Lizzie (Lea Seydoux). When the man comes to her table and talks about his intentions, she is at first a little embarrassed. But to everyone’s surprise, he decided to accept this surprising offer. However, the newly baked couple’s happiness does not last long. Jacob has to get back on the ship, where he feels much more confident than he does in the Parisian salons. Frequent absences of a man and long separations do not affect the mutual relations of spouses in the best way, especially when the wealthy writer Didin appears in the surroundings of one woman.

“My wife’s Story” will be released in cinemas on March 18.

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