Jacek Jelonek from 'Prince Charming' reveals the dark secrets of the fashion world: 'Tell me to take PENIS because he heard Poles are big on size'

The latest dating show will be shown on the player’s streaming platform next week. This time, the producers took only the gentlemen on the wallpaper. in the program charming prince Title Prince will search for “the only one” out of 13 daredevils.

An aspiring celebrity has been chosen to be the main character of this extraordinary show Jaka Jelonka. As part of a promotional campaign, a beautiful model recently gave an interview to an Internet service Good morning TVN. From the conversation, we learn, among other things, how he managed to turn into the fashion industry and what traps await models thrown into deep water.

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I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember there was a fashion show on TV. Then I thought I wanted to do that too and wanted to become a model. But I didn’t know if I was fit and if I had the conditions. My brother was working on TV, and we went to a birthday party. A lady approached me and asked what agency I came from. I said I’m not weird and I’m not in any agency. But she started laughing and gave me a business card that said she works for a modeling agency. And that’s what happened – quotes

Funny story of a charming prince.

When Jelonik’s career began to take off, the model was invited to Istanbul. There, unfortunately, he encountered totally unacceptable behavior from the people he was working with.


Everything was great until I met the owner who only met me after 4 days of stay. Suddenly he started asking me strange things. For example, how I had to arrange a session with Mario Testino and What can I do to get a job.

Jelonick openly admits that he was the victim of sexual harassment at the time.

Suddenly he took out the measuring cup from his pocket, threw it on the table and He told me to measure my penis and say how many centimeters I have, because he heard that the Poles have a large size. I said it was a good joke and I would really thank him. I later wrote that if he didn’t book my flight home, I would ruin it – Little hero of the program Charming Prince.

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