November 29, 2022


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The hit Black Panther 2, Black Adam, and the new James Cameron. Financial forecasts promise success

Analytics firm Cinelytic published in Variety the result of its fall box office research, which clearly indicates how much and why the biggest super productions are profiting. Avatar: Essence of Water It will be the highest-grossing movie of the period.

Avatar 2 – box office predictions

According to their analysis, in the end the US market Avatar: Essence of Water must collect 649 million dollars. This is less than the standard amount symbol picture, which has $772 million, but it’s still an impressive result that only a handful of blockbuster movies can reach. In addition, they estimate that the film will earn $429.7 million From selling physical media and accessing the movie in VOD. They are also supposed to earn money over time $214.2 million From selling rights to TV and streaming platforms (although in this case, only Disney+ is at stake). All in all, thanks for this Avatar 2 Revenue is expected to exceed $1 billion for the North American market alone.

Czarna Pantera 2 – Box office predictions

how much will you achieve Black Panther: Wakanda is in my heart in the US market? According to estimates, the film is slated to eventually collect $423 million. This amount is less than Black Panther, but there is still plenty of time until November, so reviews and opinions will have a huge impact on the bottom line. With physical media revenue, video on demand is expected to be collected 278.5 million dollars. On the other hand, it is about collecting the rights of broadcasting and broadcasting platforms on TV $139.6 million.

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Black Adam – Box Office Predictions

The US capital’s new super-production is expected to finally win the US market 328 million dollars From selling movie tickets. This is a good result that will allow producers not only to pay for their investments. From VOD and physical media sales, this will be an estimated amount $215.8 million. On the other hand, from selling rights to TV platforms and SVOD $108.1 million.

For now, these are the estimated figures for an analytical company. Reality can confirm this; Then the movies can earn more or less. There are also influences from all over the world and one conclusion remains: all three titles will be a huge commercial success.

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