February 2, 2023


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Gas.  150. Delivery of LNG to Poland

Gas. 150. Delivery of LNG to Poland

Last year, liquefied natural gas imports amounted to 3.94 billion cubic meters. After regasification, while in the previous year, 3.76 billion cubic meters were imported.

The volume of the shipment, which arrived on Tuesday, is approximately 70,000. tons of liquefied natural gas, which is equivalent to about 95 million cubic meters. Natural gas after being converted into gas. Purchased by PGNiG from the spot market. The gas tanker carrying raw materials was one of dozens of tankers that departed for Europe from US LNG terminals at the end of last year. Previously, ships willingly visited Asia, where higher prices for liquefied natural gas were offered.

– Disruptions in the gas market did not affect in any way the timing of the deliveries we contracted with. We carry out receipts under long-term contracts, as well as spot purchases. Bauwe Majowski, President of PGNiG, said importing LNG is one of the pillars of our mission to ensure energy security for Poland and Poles. – He added that rerouting LNG supplies to Europe once again gave the market some breath and hope, although there is still little gas available for purchase in the market.

He explained that this is one example of the factors affecting the price of gas on European stock exchanges, which, in turn, affect gas prices on the Polish Energy Exchange. Just information about methane tankers with the flow of American gas to Europe contributed to reducing gas prices on the Dutch market in those days by tens of percent.

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Of the 150 shipments PGNiG has received since the station was launched in Świnoujście, 95 have come from Qatar, 40 from the United States, 13 from Norway and one each from Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria.