Compromise Górniak on TVN!  what's wrong with her?

Edyta Górniak has been working in the Polish exhibition space for decades. He has some really great hits to his credit and of course a high profile in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Among the Polish pop musicians, she was perhaps the closest to a truly international career. However, this was only partially successful, although in the 90s he managed to achieve a certain amount of publicity in many European countries.

Today, however, it is a thing of the past, and Edzia is mainly focused on conquering the Polish market, although it does not go hand in hand with it.

Fans have been asking for the album for years, but Górniak is in no hurry. She has released several singles in recent years, but she also hasn’t had any great success.

But he undoubtedly speaks loudly of the singer, and always. This is because he appears on many TV shows and still evokes great feelings, but mainly because of his private life.

Lately, the media has been writing mainly gossip about her own conspiracy theories and her approach to vaccination against COVID-19, and she is a big antagonist.

Fortunately, Edita also sings on occasion, and she still gives a great performance. Although such a veteran, accidents can happen.

This was also the case Tuesday evening during “Top of the Top Sopot Festival 2021, shown by TVN.

Gurnac had two pieces to sing. First, she chose “Colored Wind” from the movie “Pocahontas”. Before the show, she said humbly, “It’s such a blessing that this piece fell into her hands.”

Unfortunately from the excitement about this fact .. I forgot the text!

“And wonderful, I forgot the script, traditionally …” – she explained during the singer’s performance.

It’s hard to believe that after so many years she still has such incidents, and that it’s in the case of the songs she’s been singing for years!

She then performed the song “Co mi pan dasz” from Bajmu’s repertoire, saying that “this song saved her life in her childhood.” Fortunately, you did not confuse anything here.

Of course, Edzia also looked quite original, because she was in a large T-shirt, tied at the waist with a belt, and high boots of shiny leather.

How do you like it?


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