Have you ever wondered which cars are stolen most often? A certain trend has been observed in recent years. Criminals are increasingly choosing newer car models that are easier to steal. This process may only take a few seconds.

Every year, the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute provides comprehensive data on… Cars whose registration has been removed from the Central Vehicle Register due to theft. This data differs from that provided by police because officers disclose the number of robbery investigations initiated. Some of them turn out to be mistakes, and some of them are attempts to fake theft. In contrast, SAMAR data is considered the most reliable and detailed.

Which cars do thieves most often target?

In 2022, 6,157 passenger cars and delivery vehicles with a permissible gross weight not exceeding 6 tons were canceled in Poland due to theft. This is 13.3 percent. Lower than in 2021 when the number was 7,098 cars. In 2020, the number was 6910 vehicles, and in 2019 – 6978. But which cars are most desired by criminals? Detailed information below.

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Most stolen cars by brand

Most stolen cars depend on model

Hyundai Tucson – 192 pieces.

Fiat Ducato / Toyota Corolla – 191 ESZ.

Toyota RAV4 – 185 pieces.

More brands on the list

The data shows that Hyundai joins the German brands and Toyota. It is also worth noting that there are local differences at the provincial level. For example, in Masovia Voivodeship, the most stolen car was the Toyota Corolla, followed by the RAV4. In Lodz County, the Hyundai Tucson was stolen most often, and no Toyota models appeared in the top five. In contrast, in the province of Lower Silesia, the most frequently stolen vehicle was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which – with the exception of Greater Poland – did not appear in the top five most stolen cars in any province.

The age of stolen cars is noteworthy

According to SAMAR data, the cars most likely to be stolen in 2022 are those manufactured in 2019 (842 units), followed by cars from 2018 (776 units), 2017 (735 units), 2016 (561 units), and 2020 (509 units). . ). Therefore, thieves often choose relatively new cars. For someone who hasn’t been following this topic for the past few years, this may come as a surprise. In 2015, up to 43 percent of stolen vehicles were vehicles between 6 and 10 years old.

2020 turned out to be a breakthrough. As IBRS Samar reported at the time, the cars most frequently stolen were cars that were three years old (15%), two years old (13%), four years old (12%), and one year old (10%). It was similar in 2021. Of the 7,098 cars that were deregistered at that time due to theft, three-year-old cars accounted for 15%, two-year-old cars – 14%, four-year-old cars – 12%, and Five years – 10% and one-year old cars – 8%.

According to the data, thieves are no longer interested in old cars. They are more attracted to cars that are several years old. Interestingly, it’s not as new as it was a year or two ago. All of these compounds have one thing in common – they are susceptible to the so-called “bag” method. This is a method of theft that uses keyless entry into the vehicle. The vehicle is unlocked and allows the engine to start if it detects the key in the immediate vicinity. However, thieves often have electronic equipment that may resemble a small briefcase that can transmit the signal from the original keys. This way they can enter the car as if it were their own.

Why has the age of stolen cars increased slightly?

There may be several reasons. They are both likely. Firstly, in recent years, some car manufacturers have tried to additionally protect their cars from the “bag method”. If a new car is difficult to steal, thieves may resort to an old car. The second explanation for the increasing age of stolen cars relates to the situation on the eastern border. The police confirm that some of the stolen new cars were not dismantled for spare parts. They are all exported abroad – usually to the East. Since the Russian aggression against Ukraine, such actions have undoubtedly become more difficult.

Gone are the times when drivers lived in constant fear of car theft. However, it is worth remembering the basic safety rules and not leaving the car in a place where it may run the risk of “disappearing”. Now, thanks to the “suitcase” method, it can take several or tens of seconds.

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