Kevin Federline’s ex has accused Britney Spears of breaking up their relationship

In his memoirs, The girl in me Britney Spears tells how she fell under the spell of Kevin Federline, who was her dancer at the time.

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Interpreter of is toxic He says he had “no idea” he was going to be a dad for the second time when they started dating.

“Someone said to me, ‘Did you know he had a new baby?’ I don’t know anything until I say it,” wrote Britney Spears.

Apparently, Shar Jackson, the mother of Kevin Federline’s first two children, Corey and Caleb, wanted to read Britney Spears’ work and add some commentary. According to her, the singer was fully aware of her pregnancy when she started dating Kevin Federline.

According to Shar Jackson, Britney Spears was in front of the hospital while Kevin Federline was in the delivery room and couldn’t have ignored it. The couple, who were engaged since 2004, broke up shortly after. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears married immediately and had two children, Sean Preston, now 18, and Jaden James, 17. The singer filed for divorce in 2006 and lost custody of her sons to him.

“I think her relationship with Kevin was a fantasy for both of them. To me, anything that’s built on unstable foundations can’t last, and they started off unstable because she was already in a relationship,” Shar Jackson said.

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