Magaland: The construction of the amusement park has begun

Magaland Amusement Park I just moved from planning to implementation. True, in the fenced area of ​​Osua, excavation work is currently being carried out with a small number of equipment, but the investor officially confirms the start of construction. Previous announcements show that the theme park will be built in just over a year.

Magaland: The investor confirms the start of construction

In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe future amusement park, which is surrounded by a fence, cold works are taking place. So far, these are not amazing activities and there is only a little equipment – an excavator and a dumper. This means, however, that the investment has begun.

– I confirm the start of construction of Majaland in Gdansk – the representative of Plopsa, the investor, told us.

Let us remind you that the general contractor is CFE Polska. A year ago, the cost of building an amusement park was estimated at around 20 million euros.

From the previous announcements of Magaland Konate Park Director, patrick van grotelIt follows that the construction of the entire park will take 14 months from the start of works.

  • Garden area: 25 thousand. m² (a hall with year-round attractions – about 10,000 m² and outdoor facilities – also about 10,000 m²),
  • Parking space 25 thousand. square meters – 770 parking spaces (including places for coaches and the disabled),
  • About 300 thousand visitors annually.
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