Photovoltaic power for balconies is already in Poland.  "Sales are growing visibly for a year now"

Photovoltaic panels in the fore technology in the renewables sector. They have become a great choice for homeowners. Residents of apartment blocks can only purchase rooftop panels installed by cooperatives and communities. It turns out it was in the past. photovoltaic cells Terrace, which has long occupied the German market, arrived in Poland.

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Poland is at the forefront of interest in heat pumps. What will be their future?

Photovoltaic cells for balconies. “The first customer is Polish living in Germany”

More and more companies are beginning to appear on the market that offer sets of photovoltaic panels adapted for installation on balconies – says Interested in trade.

– My first client was Polish Germany. Then the first orders from Polish customers began to appear and information about us spread through word of mouth. Over the year, sales have been growing very clearly, and we send sets not only to Poland, but also to Germany, Austria And Hungary – Krzysztof Brzowicki, founder of the company that sells photovoltaic balcony kits to produce electricity, told the service.

The entrepreneur added that the system will work best in new buildings or blocks after the renovation, where the installation is three-wire and a grounding system. All you have to do is connect the plug to the nearest socket. To date, the company has sold about 400 of these sets.

Electricity networks overloaded RES. Fix the problem? 100 billion PLN

Ban in Szczytno. “We got rid of the little balconies”

Residential community building on 12 Śląska Street in Szczytno (Varmin-Masurian Province) – Written in September “Reality”.

The heat pumps are powered entirely by electricity from solar panels installed on the roof and on balconies, and the excess energy produced is sold by the community, and discharged to Networks.

One of the tenants said – we have removed the small balconies and replaced them with large, modern ones, with room for an additional PV installation.

The key is the decision of the building owner

Photovoltaic panels can be installed almost anywhere. The government participates in the financing of such installations in the “Kahrati” program. A group introduction is one way thanks to temperature The Earth will not rise horribly by 3°C and we may hold a 1.5°C target.

attention! Even if we had an apartment in an apartment building, and we didn’t just rent it from someone, we still depended on the manager’s decision – a cooperative or a community. “When applying for a permit, it is worth taking into account the strength of the balcony itself. The photovoltaic panels that will appear in such an installation will be smaller than in the case of large units installed on the roof or facade, but it may still turn out to be very heavy “- we read on the gate

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