Monitor TV license fees.  Poczta Polska revealed how it works
  • TV license fee audits take place, but more often in businesses than in the homes of ordinary Poles.
  • This is one of the interesting facts that Poczta Polska wrote about in a post revealing the secret of the inspection process.
  • Poczta Polska admits that there are not many controllers and they are never postmen, as is commonly thought.

Television licensing controls have been a topic in the media for years. Knowledge about the visits of inspectors among the citizens of our country consists of many unknowns, some of them truth and many myths. Poczta Polska, an institution mandated on behalf of the National Broadcasting Council to monitor the implementation of the subscription obligation, decided to respond to this and dispel the unknown.

Poczta Polska published on its official website a description of what RTV subscription control really looks like, who the controllers are, and confronted the myths circulating on this topic. For example, it turned out that there were only a few dozen inspectors dealing with this issue in Poland. – No more than a few dozen controllers carry out missions across the country – Confirms Polish Post. It is also worth emphasizing that there are no postmen among the inspectors.

The RTV subscription is checked by Poczta Polska employees authorized for this task, who have the appropriate screening rights. He has been released Based on the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court Dated 12 March 2015, II GSK 208/14 in accordance with Art. 2 Law Section No. 2 of 2005 regarding licensing fees

Moreover, Boczta Polska admits this Number of payment failures Television license fees It hasn’t grown much at all in recent years. It’s just the opposite. The Post Office admitted that from year to year there is a slight but still decrease in the number of penalties imposed.

An interesting fact may be that ordinary Poles are not the ones who should be most afraid of Poczta Polska inspectors in their homes. Although RTV license checks are also conducted for citizens Companies are primarily targeted.

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