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Pani Angelika z Żukowa wygrała 500 tysięcy złotych w loterii Biedronka

Pedronka Lottery 03.15.2020 Who won the raffle on March 15th? Results: List of winners

On Tuesday, March 15, the fifth drawing of the Pedronka lottery took place. In each drawing, 5 people are selected who will win 500,000 PLN for the purchase of a house or apartment. Who won the raffle on March 15th? List of winners.

The Pedronka lottery started on February 7 and will run until April 16. What are the rules of the lottery “Win an apartment with Pedronka”? During the lottery, it is enough to shop in Pedronka stores with a minimum of 99 PLN My Pedronka Card You agree to participate in the weekly raffle. The ticket number is printed on the receipt and written on the My Biedronka card. You can collect up to 10 tickets per day on the My Biedronka Card.

Lottery tickets can be won from Monday to Saturday every week from the Pedronica lottery. They participate in a raffle that takes place every week on Tuesday. During the weekly drawing, 5 winners are selected, who are entitled to a prize of 500,000 PLN for the purchase of a house or apartment, both in the primary and secondary market. Pedronka will pay the winners tax when winning the lottery.

In the Pedronka lottery “Win ​​an apartment with Pedronka”, 50 winners will be selected, who will receive 500,000 PLN for the purchase of an apartment or house. There are still 30 prizes to be drawn. Twenty winning tickets were selected in the first four drawings that took place on Tuesday 15 February, 22 February, 1 March and 8 March. The next drawing of five lucky winners of the Pedronica lottery will take place on Tuesday, March 15th [15.03.2022].

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Pedronka lottery drawing dates

Pedronka tied for 15.03 – Results

Fifth Lottery Draw Ladybug It was held on Tuesday 15 March. who won? Ladybug will announce Results of drawing in Pedronka lottery 15.03.2007 Perhaps on Wednesday, March 16th. Tickets registered on: 07.03.2022 will be entered into the Pedronica lottery on March 15th. – 13.03.2022

The list of winners, including: phone number, name and number of the lottery ticket drawn, will be published no later than 3 working days after the drawing on the lottery website at www.biedronka.pl/loteria. The results of the Pedronka withdrawal on 15.03 will also be available in this material.

Drawing results 15.03 ladybug

The results of the draw from March 15 were announced by Pedronka on the day after the drawing, i.e. on Wednesday, March 15. Who won 3/15? The list of winners (ticket number, phone number, winner name) is published below.

Fate number: 9926451699826
name: Eve
phone number: +48 602 #### 27

Fate number: 9926456013368
name: complete
phone number: +48 886 #### 54

Fate number: 9926381319375
name: joanna
phone number: +48 509 #### 90

Fate number: 9926451785086
name: piata
phone number: +48 509 #### 76

Fate number: 9926427704059
name: Grażyna
phone number: +48 697 #### 06

Pedronka 15.03 Lottery Results – Winners

The sixth drawing of the Pedronka lottery is scheduled for Tuesday 22.03. The results of all drawings of the Biedronka lottery are available at this link: https://spottedlublin.pl/wygraj-mieszkanie-z-biedronka-wyniki-losowan-loterii-biedronka-zwyciezcy/

Lottery details: Win an apartment with Pedronka. Every week you can win 5 x 500k. PLN to buy a house

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My lottery ladybug

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