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indebtedness. Shipping companies are drowning in debt. The end of PKSs is a sentence for villages and towns


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The data from the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register shows that Unpaid obligations to carriers amount to 408 million PLN. In August 2021, it amounted to 199 million PLN. Most of this amount is allocated to transport companies that provide bus rental and delivery and those who provide services in rural areas, which – according to experts – Means the deterioration of the financial situation of PKS and domestic carriers.

In this group, the debt is 311.8 million PLN. Timely payment problems are 9 percent. companies in this industry. Transport companies that provide services within cities work best, and this applies to both public transport and taxis.

Poles use public transportation. Mainly in big cities

A study by Quality Watch for BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register roughly shows that Every fourth pole (23%) has used public transportation more frequently in the past six months. However, this increase mainly concerns residents of large cities. In this case, it was 33 percent.

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This percentage decreases as the number of potential users decreases. In the case of villages, the figure is 16 percent. First of all, due to limited access to this type of transport. In this group, drivers often limit car driving in favor of walking or cycling, or forgo trips altogether.

The list prepared by Warsaw ZTM, referred to by BIG InfoMonitor, shows that In July, sales of single and short-term tickets increased by nearly 30 percent. Long term tickets compared to the same period last year.

While for companies providing passenger transportation services in urban and suburban areas, an increase in interest in services may be sufficient, No longer for long-distance transport carriers, of a tourist nature, in rural areas or providing school and staff transport – Head of BIG InfoMonitor Sławomir Grzelczak commented on the results of the survey.

He stressed that this is the most indebted branch of domestic passenger transport. – Unpaid liabilities increase month by month and It’s so big that a change in the Poles’ attitude to travel won’t stop them – Forecasting.

The poles are motorized because they do not have public transportation

BIG InfoMonitor experts cite Eurostat data that shows this In Poland per thousand there are 664 cars in the city. In this regard, we are at the forefront of the European Union.

However, there is a basis for this situation. Poles often have to own their own cars due to limited access to public transportation. Many Poles, especially from villages and small towns, are forced to buy a car in order to get to work, hospital, or even normal activities like shopping – noted Diana Borujica of BIG InfoMonitor. The expert stressed that not everyone can buy a car, especially the elderly, the disabled and the poor.

The exclusion of transportation is currently a problem for many i . residents The escalation of the phenomenon of social exclusion in other areas of life and the difficulty of accessing public servicesincluding educational – said Diana Borowiecka.

The epidemic hit passenger transport companies

The authors of the report confirm this The Corona virus pandemic decided the fate of public transportation and the resulting restrictions on transportation. However, the “tankers collapse” began earlier.

Experts suggest that companies suffered the worst of the transformation schools on me distance learning. Regional carriers that have always been able to count on students – no matter how low interest in their services – They lost the largest number of passengers.

still In March 2020, the debt of carriers amounted to about 81 million PLN. The first year of restrictions was 15 million PLNa Second Yearin addition to Fuel price hike And the inflationAnd the Another 216 million PLN – Sławomir Grzelczak Census.

Arrears of carriers will also affect passengers who At the same distance, they will have to pay more or – which is more worrying – they will not go at all – The expert warns.

The number of passengers is still lower than it was before the epidemic

As part of the transportation of passengers by public transport 2.5 billion cycles were performed in 2021. This is a slight increase from 2.3 billion in the previous yearCiting data, experts said that public transport saw the largest drop in passenger numbers Central Statistics Office.

This is still much lower than it was before the pandemic. In the years 2010-2019, the number of flights fluctuated between 3.8-3.9 billion. Declining interest in public transportation is forcing companies to stop subsequent cycles.

Interest in public bus transportation is waning, companies are cutting other routes, and residents tired of constantly changing schedules or no buses arriving, said Valdemar Rogowski, principal analyst at BIG InfoMonitor.

Therefore, the demand for used cars, which are often fifteen years old, is increasing among residents of villages and small towns, the analyst noted.

In the survey, respondents also talk about other reasons for excluding contact. The main reason for driving less is the 79 percent increase in fuel prices. Between peoplethat currently use this transfer mode less frequently. 42 percent In contrast, the main reason to change the way you travel is need to savea 37 percent Just You cannot afford this mode of transportation.

A quality control survey was conducted on August 26-29, 2022, using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Online Interview) method on a representative sample of 1085 Poles aged 18 years and over in terms of age, gender and size of place of residence.

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