Money to buy a carton of milk and juice.  Auchan launches recycling machines

From January 1, 2025, the deposit system will start in Poland. It will be collected in special machines called recycling machines Plastic bottles, returnable bottles, aluminum and metal cans.

Shops with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters will have to compulsorily collect the above-mentioned waste. Therefore, retail chains operating in Poland are already preparing to launch a deposit system. They are testing their recycling machines, among others: Bedronka, Carrefour, Lidl, and now Auchan is joining them.

Deposit system. Auchan has launched its own recycling machines

We had the opportunity to test new recycling machines from a series originating in France, Which was installed experimentally in a store in Lodz. Auchan developed its system in collaboration with Remondis and Tetra Pak.

The new recyclers, although at first glance they do not differ in any way from the solutions already used in Poland and Europe, They have a hidden ace up their sleeve. These are the types of packaging that can be returned in vending machines.

Other chains and organizations that are already preparing for the deposit system are limited to plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans. This is understandable, because this type of packaging is stipulated in Polish regulations.

However, Oshan Polska went a step further Milk and juice cartons have also been added to the beverage container range. We can return almost any packaging of this type to our network's recycling machines – including products purchased in other stores. Simply come to the store and throw your cardboard, bottle or can into the recycling machine.

The recycling machines at Auchan accept not only bottles and cans. You can also leave milk and juice cartons there. For each package we will get a discount of 6 cents on your receipt or store appJakub WojajczykINTERIA.PL

We will also get money to buy cartons of milk and juice

Despite industry pleas, unfortunately, milk and juice cartons will not be included in the Polish deposit system, certainly not at first. “We want to show that collecting and recycling is technically possible and on a large scale (…) We will do our best to ensure that as many liquid food containers as possible are recycled– says Monica Sommer of Tetra Pak.

“This is the first initiative covering such a wide range of packaging in our country.” – says Leszek Pieszczek from Remondis, responsible for providing technology in the project. “The machines have been tested before and are already operating successfully in several locations outside Poland.”

Like other retail chains, Auchan will pay customers for returned packaging in the form of discount vouchers for in-store purchases (in the form of a receipt or via the app). The amount given for one piece of this waste is 6 groszy.

Compared to the 50 cents, which will go into effect starting in 2025, it is not much. However, please remember that after the deposit system comes into force, we will first have to pay the above mentioned amount to the package, which will then be refunded. 6 Grozi today from Ochan (or e.g. 5 Grozi from Biedronka) These are amounts accepted individually and voluntarily by retail chains.

We are proud that we are the first retail chain in Poland that has the opportunity to provide our customers from Łódź and the surrounding area with recycling machines for liquid food containers (…) The project will also have an educational aspect that will dispel the problem. Myth that milk or juice cartons should be thrown away in the mixed waste – their place is in the yellow bin.

Ewa Malica, Oshan Polska

Deposit system in Poland. How will bottle dispensers work?Polsat News


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