Twitter $1,000 per month for account verification How to order Twitter Blue

Another Twitter change in the fee for getting verified account status. Starting April 1st, business and corporate account owners will have to pay up to $1,000 per month for the “certified” blue stamp, or about $4.3K. zlotys.

Paid Twitter is more expensive

At the beginning of April, Twitter will remove the “Verified” status from those profiles that had this label before Musk acquired the site. The change will not affect those who already have a Twitter Blue subscription or the Twitter Verified Organizations business plan.

To avoid extremely high fees, Twitter encourages you to purchase a Blue or Twitter Verified Organization plan, depending on the type of account you have.

In Poland, Twitter Blue costs PLN 374.99 for a one-time annual fee or PLN 36 per month (total of PLN 432 for the whole year). In mobile applications, the costs are already higher – 60.27 PLN per month and 633.44 PLN per month. Subscribing gives you the ability to post longer entries, better display of posted content (algorithm bonus – reach more recipients) and limit ad impressions by 50%.

Prior to making the opt-in offer, Twitter had more than 420,000 followers. Verified accounts. After Elon Musk pulled Twitter from the stock exchange, it is not officially known how many users the service has or what its financial results are.

In the most recent report available for the second quarter of 2022, we read that platform revenue decreased by 1% year-over-year. to $1.18 billion, despite a 16.6 percent increase in the number of platform users. to 237.8 million. The platform’s costs jumped 31% year-over-year, dropping its net income from a profit of $66 million to a loss of $270 million.

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