London.  Range Rovers get stolen on such a scale that they can’t be insured

  • There are so many Range Rovers thefts in London that insurance companies don’t want to insure them or they charge exorbitant rates.

  • It’s cheaper to insure a Bentley than a Range Rover

  • The problem is big, even the manufacturer does not offer insurance for a newly produced car

According to official information, in 2022 the Range Rover was the second most stolen car in the UK. As many as 5,200 of them were stolen, a large part of which came from London.

Because of London’s robbers, Range Rover owners tremble not only about whether their car will disappear from the streets, but also about whether they will be able to insure their luxury car. Moreover, even if the insurance company wants to insure it, it usually does so at an exorbitant rate.

It is so serious that the manufacturer itself does not offer insurance for his cars from November 1, 2022! The issue was taken up by the English Autocar thanks to which readers began to complain to journalists. So they cited some news.

Continuation of the article under the video:

Range Rover insurance 200 thousand. zlotys

One is the problem of the North London Investment Adviser. He has four cars in his garage, including classic cars. The insurance premium for each of them increased from PLN 4000 to PLN 5000 in total. Pounds (from PLN 21,000 to PLN 26,000). However, he will not insure his Range Rover with the same insurance company, because they refused to insure this car. The man managed to find another company that could insure the car, but the amount he had to pay was 6,000. Pounds (32,000 PLN). This is more than all of his other cars. The problem is so big that the owner wonders whether to take the car out of the showroom at all, and he has been waiting for it for a year.

The second of these stories is the extreme. Another person complained that the two Range Rovers insured in London would cost £58,000. pounds (over 300,000 PLN). For one contribution it was 20,000. (about 106 thousand PLN), and for the second 38 thousand PLN. Pounds (about 200,000 Polish zlotys). The last amount relates to $50,000 car insurance. Pounds (about 270,000 Polish zlotys). It’s absurd.

It’s cheaper to own a Bentley

Even funnier is that it is cheaper to insure a Bentley in London. The Autocar editors ran a simulation in which they wanted to secure a Bentley Bentayga 4.0 V8 S and a Range Rover SCV P510E. There were seven performances for the latter, and amounts ranged from 4.5 PLN to nearly 6,000 PLN. pounds or pounds by weight. (from PLN 24,000 to PLN 32,000). There were 11 bids for Bentley, and the amount the insurance companies wanted was about 2,000 pounds. (over 10,000 PLN)

However, that’s not all, because the average value of the car in the calculations was 149,000. 270 pounds (about PLN 800,000), which corresponds to the value of the car in the first year of use. In case of theft, this amount is paid to the owner. The problem is that you have to pay 210,000 for a car like that in the showroom. Pounds (1 million Polish zlotys 120 thousand). So the owner will be about 60,000. pound “in the back” (about PLN 320,000)

Another option is to insure the car with a broker, the value of the car will be the same as when you bought it. The problem is, Range Rover is virtually impossible to insure like this. There are no offers or their prices have skyrocketed.

The manufacturer knows about the problem and advises customers

The situation is so serious that Land Rover has issued an official statement that it is aware of this problem and advises customers to use all possibilities to secure their car (can you imagine such a car with a lock on the steering wheel?). He also recommends setting up an alarm on his car-connected app, which reports when the car is unlocked. At the same time, the manufacturer is talking to insurance companies to start offering insurance when you buy a car.

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